Advance Payment Invoice

It is quite tricky billing a customer under the most accurate and best circumstances. For the billing, all the information needs to be correct. The advance payment invoice is a document which is used when you want the advance payment of your goods before they leave the loading platform.

Many of the companies or online business prefer to take money at delivery of goods or after delivery of it. While some companies demand the advance payment. It may be due to the security purpose. Hence, the advance payment invoice works the best in this regard.


Advance Payment:

Companies look for the products which are beneficial for them and place an order accordingly. Both the parties make a deal and payment is finalized on the basis of goods purchased. The parties negotiate on the price and the payment procedures. In addition to this, shipping duration is also informed to the buying party. The customer provides the advance payment when the company demands it. The advance payment invoice plays a key role in this regard which contains all the information, including the total amount to be paid in advance.

Benefits of Advance Payment:

Sometimes, it may happen that customer demand for the products and after finalizing the deal, the products are sent to him. When the products are shipped or reach to the customer’s door, the customer refuses to pay for it. The customer returns the goods and the company has to suffer from the shipping charges and loss. Hence, many of the companies take a sagacious step to save themselves from any fraud by getting the advance payment. Prepayment can be full payment or in some portions as per company policy. The loss is prevented by the use of advance payment invoice.

Advance Payment Invoice Details:

This invoice contains all the necessary information about the purchase and buyer. It involves the purchase order number, shipment terms, product names & their quantity, price, total weight, sold to address or ship to address, payment terms and applicable taxes. For the electronic payment, it can be a banking information or street address.



Advance payment invoice


Auto Payment Invoice Template

Format: Microsoft Excel 2007-2013

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