Check Register Balance Sheet

Businesses are of various nature comprising of providing services and selling products. Every business involves cash in its daily activities. With the use of cash comes a question of how to keep a record of it. Which we all understand is very important if one wants to keep the business growing.

For tracking the expenses and income related to the business, the cash register balance sheet is commonly used. To utilize this balance sheet effectively, it is designed in MS Excel. It is just like a cash report, which has a detailed account of all the cash withdrawal and additions so that theft and fraud can be avoided.


This cash register is usually maintained on the daily basis so that any cash discrepancy can be caught in time or if there are any discrepancies between the values, the problem can be sorted out timely.

As the cash handling is a very tough business and the managers and supervisors on duty are answerable to even with the petty cash problems, so they are to keep a strong control over the cash issues. They are therefore advised to keep this sheet updated on the daily basis.

The manual registers that were once used in the businesses are no longer of any use now. The registers are obsolete as it is difficult to handle them all and it takes a lot of energy, time and effort to fill them on a daily basis.

The new, efficient, and improved method of keeping the track of cash registers is to use a template for it.

The MS Excel cash register balance sheet that is being used nowadays by the organization is very smart as all the formulas and pattern to follow is set already. Simply add in the figures and MS Excel will do all the calculations for you. If you are still stuck with the manual cash registers, get rid of them immediately and switch to the useful ones. This efficient template will save a lot of time and effort of the supervisor and he can surely focus on other useful things.


Check Register Balance Sheet Template


Check Register Template

Format: Microsoft Excel 2007-2013

File Size: 20 KB


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