Projected Balance Sheet

Accounting gets very complex at times. One of the major parts of the accounting is the projections. It is also very complex, and many novice accountants find it hard to grasp it. The projection is hard because you are required to get the correct result. You can put your business in trouble if you don’t project the balance sheet well. A project does not mean to forecast anything about the business.

Rather, it a plan that your company may need. Projections are usually made on the basis of information collected from the balance sheet of the previous 12 months. You can also get a clear idea about the profit and loss your company is going to contend with.


A projected balance sheet is one of the very important sheets for the business financial plans and it is also called statement holding information about the financial position.

The spending and income are included in this balance sheet which is not usually mentioned in profit and loss. For example, the money which a person spends on paying the loan back is not included in profit or loss and if gets a new loan this is also not included in the profit category. The money which the person will get from the outstanding invoices of the customer is included in this balance sheet.

The projected balance sheet is the best picture of the financial status of any person. It contains information about the capital, liabilities, and assets. The profit and loss are the terms that are used to check the performance of any company over a period of time.

Projected balance sheet

Projected balance sheet template:

The projected balance sheet template can be downloaded to get the process of projection done quickly and easily. These templates are useful for people wanting to expand their business and also those who are thinking to start a new business and want to know the potential financial benefits they will get after starting that business. Even if you have already made the projected balance sheet, you can download the template to confirm the results

Creating a projected balance sheet can be a very complex task. You can easily get this template from the internet. You will just be needed to change the figures in order to check the projected profit or loss. The accounts receivable are shown using this sheet.

Different kinds of transactions affect the business in different ways. You can see the transaction and can note it down on the balance sheet. It can be very helpful for the businesses as it contains the information about the project profit or loss, the person can make decisions according to the estimates made by it.

Projected Balance Sheet Template

Projected balance sheet
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How to create the projected balance sheet?

The balance sheet should be created by starting with adding the name and logo of the company. There are basically five sections of the projected balance sheet which are:

  1. Assets
  2. Fixed assets
  3. Current assets
  4. Other types of assets
  5. Total assets

In order to make a perfect projected balance sheet, you are required to consider all the assets that you have in your possession. After enlisting all the assets, another important section is about the liabilities of a business as well as the debts. The equity of the owner should be mentioned in another section separately.

Benefits of using the template:

This template is helpful for all those people who are tired of using ineffectual methods to project the balance sheets. It also enables the user to know how the various processes in the business are going to affect the performance of the business.

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