Cash Drawer Reconciliation Sheet

The cashier is a key job in a business of restaurants, stores, retail or any other business which mostly deals in cash. The cashier should be active and honest in keeping the record of all the transactions. In this regard, he has to maintain a cash drawer reconciliation sheet so he could record all those transactions in a presentable and accurate way. These cash drawer reconciliation sheets show the inflows and outflows of cash, a cashier deals with in his daily business routine.

These sheets are very useful and held for the business owner to look at the income and expenses of his business. Even from a long-distance, he can keep himself connected to his business through these sheets. The sheets are maintained to reconcile the cash in hand with that being shown in the results of daily recorded transactions. In this way, the risk of misappropriation and theft is minimized in an appropriate way. In case if there are any irregularities in the business, it can be detected easily. These sheets are very helpful in an organization which has more than one cashier to handle the cash that is generated through sales.


The sheet comprises the following elements, the name of the organization at the top, date box for mentioning the date of preparation the sheet by making records of the transaction performed on a daily basis. Space is left for the signature of the employee who is preparing those sheets and owner of the organization.

The main part of the sheet comprises of sales of the different product to customers and the expenses made in cash during organization activities. Credit sales, if any, would be deleted from the total sum. The sheet also shows the actual amount of tax which is paid to the authorities. The mistakes and omission can be rectified. However, chances of mistakes and omission in the preparation of cash drawer reconciliation sheet are always there.

These sheets are very much useful in a business which involves cash to keep the business running in the appropriate and profitable way. By keeping records of these sheets, stability of the business increases.


Cash Drawer Reconciliation Sheet


Cash Drawer Reconciliation Sheet Template

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