Bulk Wholesale Purchase Order

Wholesale means selling goods in a large amount at very low price than the market. The wholesaler agrees to sell his products at a low price because when the buyer purchases the product in bulk, the wholesaler maximizes his profit.

The wholesalers usually represent the factory. If you want to purchase goods from a wholesaler, you are required to place your order. The wholesaler processes your order and sells his items to you. In order to place an order, you can use the bulk wholesale purchase order form.


What is bulk wholesale purchase order?

The order which is placed when you want to buy wholesale products in bulk is known as a wholesale purchase order. The form of this order should be prepared in such a way that the buyer can place an order conveniently.

What should be included on the purchase order form?

For filling the order, you can prepare the form. The key elements of this form are

  1. The logo of your company
  2. The contact information of your company
  3. The date of ordering
  4. Purchase order number
  5. Buyer’s name
  6. Contact information for buyer
  7. Address where the order is to be delivered
  8. Payment method
  9. Total payment
  10. Order notes
  11. Signatures of the buyer

Based on the needs of your company, you can add more details in the form.

The details of the product should also be provided for the ease of seller. The name of the product, the minimum quantity of product, available variant details, and wholesale price of each product in order should also be indicated on the form.

The payment information of the order should be directly provided on the form. There is no need to make a separate receipt for this purpose. It should be ensured that the delivery address that has been provided while placing the wholesale purchase order is correct. Moreover, also give your correct contact information so that the seller can find you in easily.

If you want to save your time, download a readymade template of a purchase order given below.


Bulk Wholesale Purchase Order


Purchase Order Template

Format: Microsoft Excel 2007-2013

File Size: 32 KB


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