Wine Collection Inventory Template

Wine collection means that a company or an individual starts collecting and add different kinds of wines to the cellarWine critics argue that wine is not only for investing, wine is for sharing also. Wine is to be shared with your loved one on different occasions and celebrations.

Collecting wine is collecting knowledge about wine and the opportunity of collecting joyful experiences. The purpose of the collection of wines varies among people. Some collect for business purpose while other collects it for pleasure so that they can taste it. Others collect wines to appreciate in value. People take out their collection of wine to sit and enjoy with family.

Steps for wine collection inventory:

For appreciable wine collection, the following steps shall be kept in mind:

  • Get wine from every region:

If you want to start somewhere, go to major wine regions of the world and collect wine from there. You will definitely like it. You can discover good quality wines and add these to your collection, through tasting with reading about the regions and reference-point producers.

  • Look for a quality wine retailer for guidance:

A good retailer has a wide variety of wines to offer to its clients. Word of mouth and the internet can easily make you connect to a well-known retailer.  If a company or an individual is looking for old-time wines, then auctions are a good option.

  • For investment in wine collection; be prepared:

Buying wine for investment point is as important as you are investing in any other business. Without proper guidance, you can make serious mistakes, so it is better before buying wine inventory, first collect all the relevant information from the market. You can also first buy little, taste and then buy more if you like it.

  • Know about your audience:

If you want to make your own wine collection for parties and social meetups, then you shall know what kind of wines your friends like. But if you are making wine collection for a business, know about your targeted audience.

Uses of wine collection inventory:

The wine collection inventory is becoming popular. Some of the uses are:

  • Gives the name of all the wine brands from different regions of the world.
  • It helps the person to maintain the wine according to the demand.
  • The wine collection inventory informs the owner about the shortage and its reorder time and number.

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The template

A manually written list is often utilized to keep track of wine in a wine cellar. However, only a few know that online templates are the most convenient method available to maintain a wine cellar inventory. The columns come with built-in special characteristics which make them less sensitive to editing and mathematical operations there are also formulas in templates that work out calculations in your sheet automatically. Count items, add expenses, calculate averages, and more.

There are special columns with a drop-down list so you can manage inventories for various types of wines. One basic feature of wine is a large collection should be systematized and recorded to report for every bottle. A template for Excel will be the best option to organize all items in a wine cellar.

You should open the template file in Excel to view the features on your console. The manager will need to enter the name of the wine in the first column. There are modification options for an array of the winery, its flavor, Country of Origin, Region, and its vintage. You will then need to enter the number of bottles that are in a stock sweet and dry entries should preferably be entered individually to give a more professional look to the database. Review columns that are listed as entries can be split up for different business purposes as per the will.

Our template has the ability to be refined based on column headings. This allows you to find any variety of wine based on a certain feature. Anyone with a growing wine inventory will easily have a way to keep track of the types of selections in a wine cellar.

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