Stock Count Sheet Template

You need to keep track of the stock because at any point, running out of stock can bring lots of trouble for you. Successful businesses always try to make sure that they never run out of stock. For this purpose, they keep checking the inventory. Many employers hire employees who do the job of inventory checks. However, some tools are used for counting the stock. One of the most useful tools is the stock count sheet.

What is a stock count sheet?

It is a worksheet in which the count of the inventory items is recorded. It is very helpful for people because it allows them to count all the items that are placed in the storage location of a business.


Experts recommend that a stock count sheet should be used regularly because it helps a business keep a regular check on its warehouse inventory. This also enables a business to be sure that the stock present in the inventory and the stock that a business has is the same and that there is no shortage or excess of the stock.

Stock count sheet template

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What are the reasons to use the stock count sheet?

People use this sheet because of many reasons and some of the reasons are discussed below:

They give a snapshot of your current inventory level:

It is not easy to monitor the inventory all the time as it takes a lot of time to have a look at the entire inventory stock. When you keep editing and updating the inventory count sheet as you add or remove stock, you get a clear and transparent snapshot of your inventory.

You will not have to go back to the warehouse or records to guess the inventory level. Simply check the count sheet of that particular date and you will see the exact picture of the stock room of your company. 

It helps you see how your business is making progress:

Every businessman these days wants to know the progress of his business. The progress generally depends on the number of sales of that business. The stock count sheet lets a person see how much stock was brought to the warehouse and how much has been sold.

He can also compare the stock left at the end of one quarter or year with the other to see the difference in the progress. Due to this, a businessman finds himself in a better position to make decisions about what actions can be taken to improve sales.

It helps you in stock adjustment:

Stock adjustment is one of the biggest challenges for a company. Many people fail to do the stock adjustment because they cannot see where and how they should do it. In addition, some people also do it the wrong way and face the problem of stock running out or surplus inventory items. To avoid all these problems, the count sheets are designed.

How to use the spreadsheet for counting inventory?

To count the inventory stock, you need to be mindful of certain things. A few of them are:

Use the spreadsheet when all the operations are closed:

The best time to count the stock is when a company is not operating. It means, the inventory can be counted when no inventory item is leaving the warehouse and nothing is being added to it. Performing the stock count at night and resuming routine work with an updated stock list enables a company to work seamlessly.

Pay tension to the size of your company:

It is important to remember that the size of the company also matters when you are keeping track of the inventory. For example, if you have a huge warehouse, you must have divided it into various sections for making everything easy to organize and manage.

In this situation, you will have to consider using multiple count sheets for multiple sections. Never forget to use multiple sheets as it will help you keep things more manageable.

Use the template for more ease:

Using a template especially when you are handling so many things at a time is very useful. Get your hands on one of the online available templates and make your work easy.

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