Football Inventory Spreadsheet

Football-related goods and supplies are usually kept in the warehouse of various shops and stores that deal with selling football-related products. The inventory is also maintained by training academies and those educational institutions that promote the football game and provide game kits to their students who are football aspirants.

Who can use the football inventory spreadsheet?

In general, this Excel document is used by coaches, team captains, and sellers who not only want to maintain the products in the inventory but also make sure that the products are in safe hands.


How does a document of a warehouse of football items work?

There are so many products people playing football like to use or purchase. When they visit a store, they should be able to have access to all those products that usually include football jerseys, helmets, trainers, pads, balls, and whatnot. It puts an excellent impression on people when they can find everything they need in a single place.

This document usually works by letter people know about the products available and their quantity. So, when a product is about to go out of stock or is surplus in quantity, people can immediately take decisions to make sure that their inventory is full of the right and most demanded items.

What is the purpose of using the spreadsheet?

It is obvious that when you have a store in which there are thousands of products with different specifications, it would not be easy for you to remember each and every detail regarding them. So, the spreadsheet remembers these details for the user. It helps the user keep track of the products and supplies that are present in his warehouse, track the condition of every piece of football equipment, accurately check everything and then make arrangements for purchases or replacements shortly.

What does a spreadsheet used for football inventory include?

The successful use of the spreadsheet mainly depends on the information it collects from the user and keeps a record of. So, here are the common details that you will find in the soccer store document:

Description of the supplies:

The first column of the spreadsheet asks the user to provide the details regarding the description of the soccer game supplies. Here, the name of the product and the id number or product number associated with it are mentioned. This is a unique identifier and a person can easily identify it with its number in case all the products in the storage area look alike. The replacement of one product with the other also becomes easy.

Quantity of each product:

The spreadsheet also specifies the quantity of each product present in the inventory and it also keeps getting updated as people keep buying products. This helps the owner of the store to know when the warehouse needs to be restocked.


In the spreadsheet, the location of the supplies in the warehouse is also mentioned so that people can easily locate that particular product. There are numerous drawers and cabins in the warehouse where products are generally placed. For each location, these cabinets and drawers are assigned a unique identifier which then relates to the product it houses.

Date of acquisition:

The date on which the supply is added to the warehouse is also mentioned in the spreadsheet which lets people know when they will again update the inventory.

Details of the supplier:

Although it is not necessary, some people like to describe the supplier also. This is useful for new people who do not have any idea as to who they should contact if they want a restocking in the warehouse. This section includes the name, company name, and some other specifics of the supplier.


The cost of acquiring the products in the warehouse is very important information as it lets the owner of the store know what price he or she has paid to make these products reach the warehouse. Based on the cost, the store owner can see whether he is making a profit or he is just going into a loss. Several other decisions can also be taken based on the information stored in the spreadsheet of the soccer warehouse.

Football inventory spreadsheet template