Home Driver Duty List Template

A home driver is a professional person who is usually hired to provide driving services to an individual or a family. Drivers that are recruited as personal drivers usually provide transportation services to the family in a private car of the family. It is comfortable for people to have a person who is always ready to drive their car rather than getting a new taxi driver daily because it might not be safe for them to ask a new person every day to drive their car and make them reach their destination.   

A home driver is usually a person who gets the job of driving a home car after a thorough background check. He knows that he has to make it possible for people to reach their destination safely. These are usually such people who are thought to fulfill the responsibility of taking their employer and his family daily to different places not so far such as markets, work, parks, and some other similar places.


Importance of using the list:

The duty list of every family driver varies from family to family. If you have appointed a person as a chauffeur who was working previously somewhere else, he might be aware of those responsibilities that he used to fulfill in his previous job and those responsibilities may not be appropriate for you. So, if you are not going to bring certain things into writing, you may not be able to make the chauffeur work in accordance with your preferences and likes.

The list also helps you prove that you wanted the driver to drive safely considering the safety of every person on the road. In case of an accident, you can show this list to the law enforcement agencies that you were never convinced to make the driver drive rashly and to put other people’s life at risk. This will save you in many situations.

How to design a home driver duty list?

When you want to let the driver know what responsibility he should fulfill and what he should not, you should design a document list and then give it to the driver. Usually, people verbally tell all the duties to the driver. This is also fine but sometimes, they face problems when the driver does not accomplish all the day tasks and you cannot hold him accountable because of the instructions given to him verbally.

The list lets the driver know that his job is not just to drive the vehicle but also to take care of the vehicle and ensure that people sitting with him in the car feel safe.

You need to create a list that covers everything you want the personal driver to be done. Here are some tips to follow for creating a list:

Add the header:

The list should include the header on which the name of the chauffeur will be mentioned. If you update this list on a monthly basis, you should mention the month in the header. The date of bringing the list to work, the purpose of the personal driver, the name of the car owner, the model and make of the car he will drive, his driving license number, and some other specifics can be mentioned in the header.

List down all the duties:

 The driver is usually interested in knowing what he has to do in a day for the family or an individual. You should enlist all the activities one by one. Usually, this list includes the duties such as safe driving, making sure that the vehicle he is driving is well-maintained, showing professionalism in performing his duties, and much more.

These all tasks should be specified in the list clearly and concisely and there should not be any room for any confusion. You should know what you want the driver to do and make it clear so that you don’t have to ask him to do several things daily.


At the end of the list, make sure that you affix your signatures and also ask the driver to put down his signature which will be proof that you both agree on the duties.

Home driver duty list