vehicle log book

Vehicle Log Book


The log book is basically used to keep a record of some entity. A vehicle log book is a document that keeps a record of ownership. It is helpful when a vehicle is sold from one person to another. The buyer and seller both need to fill out sections in a log book so that there is a record of the deal before coming to an agreement.

This vehicle log book is also used for business purposes. Business men use this book to keep a record of their business travel or trip, the description of destination, the number of kilometers or the distance traveled. The logbook keeps a record of the expense of the work-related vehicle. By using this vehicle log book one can claim the percentage amount of true car expense by recording the number of business kilometers traveled.

There are some requirements of a log book such as it cannot be kept for a whole year. One can keep it for only 12 weeks. It doesn’t matter if the owner has one or two cars, the 12 week period will remain same.


If a car is replaced with another, then again the same log book works but there should be mentioned the details about the starting and ending readings.

The vehicle log book requires the following set of information.

  • It must show the vehicle type, its registration number, and its engine capacity
  • It must be recorded for a 12 week period
  • It must record starting and ending dates and odometer readings of travel
  • The total business kilometers traveled and its percentage

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