Itemized Invoices & Statements

As the consumption of goods is increasing from the past decade’s cooperation has also viewed a huge increase which became the reason for development of cooperation for providing better facilities to consumers. Not only products are improved but also financial statuses and flows have seen a rise. A variety of payment methods (visa, credit card, cash on delivery etc.), terms of payment, invoices have been introduced. Mentioning the prices not only improves the cooperation status but also acts a source of satisfaction and loyalty of customers.

Itemized bill, Itemized invoice or Itemized Statement is a regular statement issued by a financial institution (sellers) of any type to inform specific activities, costs of all the items purchased to its buyers.


 What does itemized invoice include:

Deposits, Fees, debts, credits, purchase details and all other relevant action.

Most itemized invoices are electronic records based on different softwares. The information of this type is represented in chronological order but can be divided according to customer comfort.

A standardized Itemized Invoice must have the following items on the receipt:

  • Name of buyer (Business name)
  • Address/Phone # (at least one number to contact the buyer)
  • Name of each item purchased
  • Price of each item purchased
  • The method of payment.
  • Tax for the items
  • Grand Total
  • Date of Purchase/shipment date
  • Shipping Address (for foreign products)

Itemized statements for food items:

Two statements are used when food items of any type are bought. The first statement shows the item purchased, and the second statement will clearly mention the method of payment. If any of the invoices is lost no claims to the seller can be made.

Itemized statements for Bankcard accounts:

For bank accounts, the itemized statement enlists debiting merchants next to the terminal entry. In most bank accounts itemized statements also include ATM locations

Most commonly used Itemized statements:

Mostly you are given a statement that shows your credit card was charged but sometimes you are given only one statement that directly shows the products you purchased. Important mentioning on that type of statement includes name, date, products purchased, price (individual), and grand total. In the case of payment through credit card, an extra statement showing information related to the invoice is also issued.

Why it matters?

Itemized statements let you understand your account activity when you pay through your account, maintains a balance of your activities and let you cater to the issues including frauds.

Itemized Invoice template


Itemized Invoice

Download for MS Excel

Download for OpenOffice

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