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Project management is a very complicated task. It includes a number of people, influences, tasks, variables, and many other considerations in order to successfully perform project management. It is very important to use all the tools effectively and to use those methodologies which can play their role in making the project management successful. Documentation and accountability are two main tasks which are required to be performed in project management.

Project documentation is a very important tool which helps in communication within the process of project management and is aimed at providing the necessary information to the people who need it. The management should be done and updated regularly.


Accountability means the understanding of the stakeholders about the responsibility of the tasks within an organization. So, if the tasks are not assigned to the right people at the right time, project management cannot be successful.

An issue log is also one example of documentation and accountability. It is used to capture all the issues and to bring them forward so that they can be solved quickly. Some other responsibilities which are performed by using the issue management log template are communicating the issues to the stakeholders, establishing the priorities to the issues, assigning responsibility to every issue, etc. It is very important that the project management team keep checking the issue log at regular intervals of time. The document should be updated regularly and should be communicated to all the stakeholders when the updates are made in order to let them know about the updates. Here is given a sample template that will help you do the job in an easy way.

Issue management log


Issue management log template

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Issue Management Log Template

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