Feedback Analysis Worksheet

What is feedback analysis?

Feedback analysis is an important business process in which a business reviews its performance and on the basis of details obtained from performance review, certain objectives are set. The feedback analysis not only helps a business grow but also encourages the personal growth of the individual.

Feedback analysis can be very important for a person in order to get remarks about the services provided by him or his company. This feedback helps the business in making an improvement. The detailed analysis feedback is obtained by presenting the feedback analysis sheet to the listeners in a presentation. With the help of this worksheet, the students can save particular questions from the survey for using them in the future. An administrator can also save this template in order to use it in multiple courses. Quick feedback generation is ensured with the use of feedback analysis spreadsheet.


What is the purpose of feedback analysis?

The feedback analysis is conducted in order to analyze the feedback and then actions are taken. If the feedback about a specific area of the business is not satisfactory, several actions can be taken to improve that area.

How to conduct a feedback analysis?

Performing the feedback analysis requires the person to go through several steps which are given below:

  1. Feedback analysis can be performed in a better way if you have the right mindset. If you have developed your mindset in a way that you prioritize your personal growth, you can perform the analysis appropriately.
  2. Try to analyze and find out those areas of the business where you are needed to work. For this, take a paper and write down all your accomplishments and also the failures which will ultimately give you a clear picture of how you have been working.
  3. Get the feedback from your customers. There are different ways in which a business interacts with its customers. You can use all of these ways to collect feedback.
  4. Use the feedback analysis template to accelerate the process of feedback analysis.


Feedback analysis worksheet

Feedback analysis template:

Feedback analysis template is a tool which is very helpful in conducting the feedback analysis quickly and professionally. People who are not aware of the feedback analysis format can make use of this template and save themselves from having to hire an individual who could conduct feedback analysis.

With the help of feedback analysis template, a person can set his objectives, write the reasons for those objectives and also write the actions to be taken on the basis of feedback obtained. The timeframe of the actions and the result of the actions are also written in the feedback analysis template in order to document everything related to feedback analysis.    

The template is available in the spreadsheet document. The feedback analysis template is easily available on the internet. You can use it and customize it according to your needs. If you don’t want to have existing questions in the sheet you can delete them. You can also avail the option of appending the questions in the template. Several types of editing can be done within the worksheet however, the original template remains the same.

The template can be saved for future use. If you have saved questions of the survey in one worksheet and you want those questions to be in the feedback analysis sheet, then you can also import the questions to this template. The front page of the template can be used by those people also who want to participate in the process of feedback as anonymous. This enables them to answer the questions without logging in to the worksheet.


Feedback analysis worksheet

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Feedback Analysis Worksheet Template

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