Employee Daily Task Log

What is the employee’s daily task log?

Daily task log is a sheet in which the record of the tasks is kept. Employees are entrusted with lots of responsibilities concurrently. They are expected to fulfill all those responsibilities in a given amount of time. To see how productively an employee is working in the company, companies use the employee’s daily task log.

Why a daily task log is used?

As it has been told earlier, the work log is used for checking in on all the employees and their work performance. There are lots of employees in the company and the employer wants to know which employee is working fine and which employee is just trying to evade the responsibility.


Having a work log for keeping an eye on the work you have been assigned to complete is good. However, knowing how to use this log to get the best out of it is even better. Therefore, you should be well-aware of how to use this record sheet particularly designed to keep the record of tasks. Here are some guidelines that can be followed easily:

  • Maintain a separate record sheet for every employee:

It is always recommended to have a separate record sheet for every employee in the company instead of using one for a group of people. If you don’t use a separate sheet for each employee, this will complicate things and it is also more likely that tasks of each employee might mingle with each other. To get away with this situation, you should try to make a unique sheet for every employee and keep the record therein.

  • Add details about activities:

Mainly, the information regarding the activities of the employees to execute the tasks they have been assigned is input in the log. However, it is also important to keep the information about these activities in this sheet. The details about each activity include the date on which each activity of the employee is carried out, the name of each activity, the time taken to complete each activity, and a lot more.

  • Keep a section for remarks:

This sheet is usually checked at the end of the day to see what has been done by the worker throughout the day. At that time, the boss of the worker is in a better position to give remarks about the tasks that the worker has accomplished in a given day. The remarks are usually about the performance of the employee on the given day. The employer can tell whether he is happy with the performance of his worker or disgruntled. These remarks are useful since they help the employee improve his performance.

Benefits of the daily task log:

 The work log is kept and maintained because of the following benefits it comes with:

  • It improves the performance of the employee:

The tasks accomplished as well as the tasks that are yet to be executed are all mentioned in this work log. This enables the worker as well as his boss to determine who well the worker has fulfilled his duties. In this way, he can ask the worker whether to keep up the good work or to up his game.

Furthermore, when the employee comes to know that his performance is being kept under surveillance, he tries to become more productive since he knows that he is answerable to his boss for showing any kind of negligence.

  • It speeds up the work:

The task sheet also tells the employee about the deadlines to meet. The employee then speeds up his work to complete all the tasks before the deadline which consequently boosts the speed of work.

  • It helps in payment calculation:

Since this sheet is useful in calculating the number of hours the employee has worked for the company in a particular week or month, the employer can easily determine how much the employer deserves to get paid. It should be kept in mind that this benefit is only for those workers who are paid on an hourly basis instead of a fixed monthly salary.

Employee Daily Task Log Template
Employee Daily Task Log Template