Credit Control Sheet with Aging

A credit control sheet is a spreadsheet document that is used to track the credit accounts of customers. There are different columns in this sheet for entering different information needed for keeping track of the credit accounts successfully.

The basic objective of using the credit control sheet is to protect the organization from any type of loss. Unpaid revenues and debts can cost a company a lot. When a company keeps track of its debts, it can easily ask the customers to pay off the debt.


Many companies are using different types of credit control tools to get away with the non-payment nuisance. With these tools, a company can easily get to know which clients can be given the loan, as the repayment history of each client can be tracked through a credit control sheet.

Credit control should be implemented to save the organization from loss. This is because if the debts or credits remain unpaid, then the revenue or payments will not reach the company. To get protected from such non-payment nuisances, companies have set up some credit control tools that ensure that financial loans should be given to only those clients who can repay them on time.

This credit control sheet can be formatted through online free templates effectively.

The credit-control sheet with aging can be formatted to make it more suitable for the company’s use. To manage the business accounts effectively and ensure that the customers are paying on time, the credit-control sheet template can be used. It is common for every business to sell goods and services on credit.

However, there is a need for a company to have a dynamic system to keep control of the credit accounts of customers. The company is required to monitor the activities of customers to ensure that they are making the repayments on time and are also going according to what they have agreed upon by signing the terms and conditions agreement. The company can also keep track of age invoices through this sheet.

A sample of a credit control sheet template can be downloaded from the media gallery. Readers who are engrossed in using it as their template can customize the report by replacing the information therein.

The credit control and aging templates are available online for free. Such templates are simple to use, and one will get rapid credit control regarding his aging credits. You may also download the templates to your computer. After downloading, you will not need a network connection to use the templates. One can also customize his templates according to his needs.

There are features like automatic notification when a customer’s invoices are past due or credit limits are exceeded. You can establish misconduct notices with different text, depending on the age or severity level of the invoice. You can set up rules that you can modify to suit the situation and generate misconduct fees that escalate the increased ratio to the value of instances where invoices are passed, due, or assessed a fixed amount.

There is an extensive system for controlling credit accounts in large enterprises. The purpose of the computerized system is to avoid the errors that the company may face due to the work of humans.

The template can be used to age the credit accounts of the customers as well as to monitor the transactions taking place in the credit account. The template has all the necessary formulas needed to perform basic computations.


Credit control sheet with aging template

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