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Employee Shift Schedule

Some things never change in our lives and one of those things is the time we spend working every day. The 8-hour work shift has become our daily routine now. Even if we finish our work within 4 hours, we cannot get away with the 8-hour work shift.

It is debatable as to how many hours an individual should work daily. Some individuals work only for 4 hours and are extremely successful in their lives, whereas, for others, the work routine is followed by many hours of flat work in a day.


Back in the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution was at its peak, and that is when factory owners wanted to run their businesses 24/7. In those days, the normal working hours were 10 to 16 every day. Sustaining these working hours was really hard. Robert Owen started a campaign for them to shorten the working hours to only 8 hours a day. He divided the day into 3 sets of 8 hours: 8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, and 8 hours for recreation. This is where we get the 8-hour sleep trend coming in.

In 1914, the Ford Motor Company officially implemented the 8-hour workday. In this day and age, it does not matter how many hours you work. What matters is the energy you save yourself. We forget the fact that we are humans and not robots, and so we have different kinds of energy levels in our bodies.

A lot of research has been conducted on work routines and their impact on our brains. According to research, for every task that lasts for 90–120 minutes, a 30-minute break is considered healthy. A productive day depends on our level of focus. Splitting up the day into a 90-minute work routine is a good practice.

An employee shift schedule can be a helpful tool to track the employees and the hours they work. So this sheet can be drafted for a month or every week. All the employees who are working can be listed on the sheet. Mentioning their designations can also be a good thing to do. The timing they follow every day can be written down. This will help the payroll department and the human resources department see the hours an employee has worked daily.

Many companies are running successfully, and their employees are working in both shifts to cope with the productivity demands, while some types of work require both shift workers to deliver their services, for example, health care or printing.

The working hours for each employee are pre-set, and if the company is running both shifts or more than two shifts, then the employee has to switch shifts after some given period. This will keep a constant potential sustained among workers because one who is working night shifts for a week or two is not able to put his energy well into the continuous working span.

Other health issues occur when a single person is working night shifts continually. To avoid such problems, employees are asked to change their shifts after a certain time. To keep the shift change record, most companies use a compiled schedule sheet where the worker mark their presence and writes their shift timings. These employee shift schedules can be drafted with the help of online templates.

Employee shift schedule

This template was designed to make an easy-to-record document. Every business does something a little different. Some of the things you can do with this shift schedule template are as follows:

  • You can organize work assignments for a whole week
  • You can start by ensuring that you change headings and color schemes to those used by you. Then, make sure all of the columns are labeled with the distinct desires of your shift list
  • You can replace the ones that are already there, or add and delete columns at your wish
  • These columns can also be adapted to numbers, or dates, for tracking the availability of the employee, efficiency, and time
  • You can connect cells to other columns or sheets that are used in equations

So, when you modify information in one spot, it stays constant across the whole database.

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