Controllable Time Worksheet

Time management is the most important thing one must do personally and professionally. Not being able to manage time effectively can negatively affect someone’s life. Effective time management requires allocating the right amount of time to perform tasks.

Every company needs an individual who works with productivity and makes the best use of their time.  Many distractions in a person’s life do not let the person focus on what he wants to achieve. Some counterproductive tasks can also be the biggest obstacle to achieving something worthwhile. Managing time is one of the most vital components of an individual’s success. To ease your job, a controllable time worksheet demonstrates the duration of work throughout the day.


The controllable timesheet can be used to manage your time properly and keep track of the controllable time. The basic purpose of using this sheet is to do a lot of work in a sufficient amount of time.

The worksheet helps the person focus on the tasks that he must accomplish daily. The goals needed to be achieved can also be tracked with the help of the worksheet.

The worksheet enables a person to manage their time realistically. The user can take into consideration all the things that can delay the accomplishment of tasks, such as crises, meetings, phone calls, and many other unexpected things.

With the use of a proper time worksheet, the user can know that despite the unexpected events, he should be able to meet the deadlines because enough margins have been given in the sheet. The user can allocate his valuable time to those activities which are more important to him. In this way, he can be much more productive.

Controllable Time Worksheet Template

File: Excel (.xlsx) 2007/10
Size: 45 Kb

To use this sheet effectively, the user is required to know how many hours he can work for tasks’ accomplishments. The total number of hours available can be broken down, and work to be done can be assigned to the hour breakdown. The user can also keep track of how much time he has in hand for performing other activities other than primary activities.

Nowadays, it has become convenient to design the worksheet through software or online templates, however, a handwritten, controllable time spreadsheet is as effective as a computerized one, if the information is integrated systematically.


There are many benefits of using the controllable time worksheet; it will give you an organized strategy to complete the task on time. Sometimes this sheet will showcase both finished and unfinished work with relevant details.

The worksheet is a tool to keep the operation functioning schematically, and through this, the management can monitor their employee’s performance.

Whatever layout you are using, like online pre-formatted templates or a manually composed written sheet, you should make it readable through clear columns and rows, and the data should fit the cells or given space properly. The title should label the department for which this sheet is being generated.

This controllable time worksheet is specific to the particular company and should be stored in the proper folder to ensure smooth advancements.