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If you want to live healthy with diabetes you have to control your sugar level. Controlled diabetes can halt complications affecting your eyes, kidneys, and heart. Tight blood sugar control, however, means a greater chance of low blood sugar levels. A good way to maintain your blood sugar level is to; log your blood sugar level. The chart includes the date, time medication and dosage, your meals and your exercise regimen.

Blood sugar data record table with the chart is an Excel spreadsheet that helps to record and track data related to blood sugar which then converts the data into a chart that presents a clear picture of patient’s sugar levels as compared to the recommended levels.


It is very essential for diabetes patients to maintain their sugar level within a range so that their body organs will not get damaged. Therefore, it is highly suggested by the doctors that such patients use blood glucose meter, also called glucometer, to check their sugar levels.

The template of blood sugar data record table with chart helps them in recording their sugar data which ultimately helps them in maintaining their sugar levels and getting proper dosage of medicines prescribed by the doctors.

It is hard to keep a record of sugar levels manually and the additional features such as charts offered by the computerized templates cannot be utilized if the records are hand-written. Therefore, in this technological world, people prefer keeping their sugar level record in an Excel template.

There are many available templates online that people may opt for; some people design their own templates as well. The available templates have all the fields for the required data and they are easy to customize and update.

Generally, the template keeps a record of the following things:

  • Date
  • Time of sugar check
  • Sugar level
  • Any notes about diet, exercise, etc.

This template of blood sugar data record table is accompanied by a chart which shows a user where he lies on the graph and what is the upper and lower recommended levels. This helps in tracking the trend of a diabetic person so to improve medication and sugar level maintenance. Some of the templates also offer an additional feature of a chart that tracks a patient’s hemoglobin levels which can further help in health maintenance.

Due to the numerous benefits, the record table (along with the chart) offers, it is often opted for by the sugar patients. Some of the benefits are:

  • Sugar levels can easily be recorded and tracked.
  • Overtime data shows the trend.
  • The chart shows whether the patient is on, above or below the required levels.
  • The extra notes provide additional information which can help in finding out the reasons behind the stated sugar levels.
  • Proper medication can be prescribed and timely action can be taken so to avoid any bodily damages.

Due to the associated benefits, diabetes patients record their sugar level data in the table and improve their sugar maintenance through the trends of the chart.

The template

The following chart demonstrates the blood glucose ranges. Use this as a comprehensive data presented to your physician to develop a regimen of blood glucose monitoring.

It is not only necessary to check your blood sugar; additionally one should track the readings of blood glucose level in a regular. Hence, you are able to produce your own health monitoring to aid the physician in diagnosis and treatment fluctuations in blood sugar levels besides food and medicine can be comprehensively monitored through these charts. Factors that affect levels may include:

  • changes in physical activity
  • weather problems
  • other pathologies
  • dosage regimen
  • The normal blood sugar in a healthy individual before meals is up to 130mg/dl and it should be below 180mg/dl two hours after the food intake.
  • 7 percent l reading of A1C
  • eagle at 154 mg/dl fasting reading

In this digital era, it is very easy to log the blood sugar ranges on a daily basis either in a notebook or on your digital device. On-line free customizable templates are offered to just jot down the blood sugar readings in the pre-formatted column. Download these templates to record your readings.

Download your file below.

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Blood sugar data record table

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blood sugar record chart

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