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Personal Medical Health Record Sheet

Medical Health Records & Personal Information Sheets

Unlike the previous days, where manual sheets are filled to note the patients’ health records, the digital trend has altered the definition of patient’s health record that means personal health record is an electronic submission entered by the patient himself to record their health information in an isolated, and confidential manner. Component of personal health record are:

  • The name, and emergency contact information
  • birth date, blood type,
  • last physical check-up date
  • Major associated pathology
  • details of a chronic illness
  • surgeries, with dates
  • medication and dosage log with history
  • allergies
  • tests and screenings details with dates
  • family health history

Patients and their acquaintance are the resources of the above-mentioned data, however, some other resources are also approached if needed. They are general records which do not have any legal bindings.


PHRs evaluate patient’s health profile and detect health threats. It is a tool to study any chance of drug interaction, current medical practices impacts, medical care flaws, and medical errors identification. Early interference can be assessed upon eccentricity of health standing.

PHRs also make it an unceasing communication between patient and physician. This, in turn, prevent the delay of treatment the process for patients and caregivers to present queries is eased by maintaining patients health record in addition other, factors like upcoming appointments, dosage repetition, and analysis of lab findings are at hand by having regular health record, a PHR can quickly deal with emergencies by providing quick data to the associated caregiver for proper diagnosis or cure.

This whole feature has made convenient by free templates which are available on a website. These templates allow the patients to just fill in their health information in the downloaded template and they can further customize it according to their personal requirements.

Download your file below.

Personal Medical Health Record Sheet

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