Biweekly Time Sheet with Sick Leave & Vacation

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Biweekly paying methods are the most effective and productive schemes in which both the employers and employees feel satisfaction. Normally there is a 26- biweekly pay periods occur in a year. Generally, the pay is given for the calculated working days in a form of a check. Companies compose their biweekly time sheet to have a record of every payment. The components of a biweekly timesheet include

  • You will be paid every other week rather than monthly
  • You will be paid actual hours worked
  • You will be remunerated for overtime

The timesheet employs name, social security number, employee identification number, department, and manager name and the other elements include

  • A period is defined including the first day of the work week and the beginning and end date of a bimonthly time span
  • The timesheet should include Time in and out, breaks with sick leave and vacation
  • Subtotals and grand totals are calculated for the payments
  • The Employee and manager signature is crucial sometimes on the timesheet.

When you need to deal with the vacation or sick leaves you have to take the following steps described below:

  • Format the payroll elements
  • Insert the vacation/sick information to the employee data
  • Organize the vacation/sick defaults
  • Add everything into the paycheck

Biweekly Timesheet with Sick Leave and Vacation

Biweekly timesheet with sick leave and vacation is an Excel spreadsheet in which employees fill in their information with respect to hours worked, overtime, sick leaves utilized and vacations utilized. As the name suggests, this template is filled every two weeks.

The recording and tracking of employees’ worked time are critical in terms of the productivity of the employee as well as the company. To maintain a proper record, companies either design their own timesheet or use an available template and customize it based on their requirements. The most widely used templates is that of Microsoft Excel.

These templates are pre-designed, pre-formatted and have built-in formulas which allow automatic calculations and updating of fields.

The biweekly timesheet with sick leave and vacation is beneficial for both employers and employees as both can glance at it and know the situation of employee’s required and overtime working hours as well as utilized and unutilized off-time. There are many benefits of using this timesheet some of which are:

  • An employer can glace at this timesheet to know of employee’s hours.
  • An employee can easily fill in his working hours and also can know about his available off-time with respect to sick leave and vacation days as companies usually have a policy regarding the provision of certain paid off-days to employees. Therefore, it helps employees in the management of their work hours.
  • This can be used in the evaluation of an employee.
  • Payroll can be calculated through this especially for companies that pay based on the number of hours worked. As this timesheet has the relevant information, the built-in formulas can automatically calculate the payments due for each employee.
  • As the data is updated on a bi-weekly basis, the updated information is always available and accurate.
  • Planning and management of employee shifts can be aided by this timesheet.
  • The errors are minimized through the automated template as compared to a written timesheet.
  • The flagged or highlighted fields indicate employees about the shortfalls of hours as well as it indicates employers that action is required.

Due to various associated benefits, companies often require employees to timely fill in their biweekly timesheets with sick leave and vacation so that a proper record can be kept and tracked as well as management and assessment of employee work hours can be made more effective.

About template

To compile a biweekly timesheet with vacation and sick leaves detail is a tiresome task to accomplish, to ease the effort various customizable online templates are available where you can automatically generate the biweekly timesheet with the specifications of sick leaves and vacations. Download the responding template and fill in your data.


Biweekly time sheet with sick leave and vacation

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Bi-Weekly Time Sheet with Sick Leave & Vacation Template

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