Spray Record Sheet

What is a spray record sheet?

A spray record sheet is a document that is used by those responsible for carrying out spray related activities. With this sheet, they can keep track of what chemicals or substances have been applied, in what quantity they have been applied, and where.

How important it is to use the spray record sheet?

In most cases, it becomes the legal requirement to perform spray related activities. When there are lots of activities to be conducted, it becomes a bit hard to keep track of every activity without using any record sheet. This is where the need to use the spray record sheet arises.


What you have sprayed, where you have sprayed, and what chemicals you have applied is very important information especially when you want to justify a specific type of treatment. For example, if you spray a chemical on crops just to get rid of pesticides, you can use the record sheet to keep track of the spraying activity.

This record sheet helps you determine which areas of the crops’ field have not been sprayed yet. It also tells when to stop spraying because crops cannot overdose with sprays.

The spray record sheet also influences the decisions of people and helps them decide whether the spray treatment they have chosen is working or not. After having obtained this information, one can decide when to discontinue the treatment after getting fruitful results.  

Spray record sheet template:

There is a variety of spray record sheet templates available on the internet. Using the template for the spray record worksheet is one of the best and quickest ways to keep the record of the spraying activities. The user can easily compile the record with the use of these templates.

The template of the spray record sheet can be downloaded in PDF or Excel sheet format. The user can get the template in a desirable format as required.

The template ensures that the user can easily input the required information in the sheet it provides. The user can then keep the sheet in his records. He can then bring updates to the sheet whenever he needs it. The sheet stays updated and also holds the record of the user for a long period of time. When the user no longer needs that record, he can delete it from the sheet

What information does the spray record sheet include?

The spray record includes all necessary details pertaining to the spraying. These details are:

  • Date of application:

When you do spray, you should determine at that point that when you will be spraying next. For this purpose, you should add the date of application to the record sheet. This will not let you forget when you applied last time.

  • Spraying operator:

The person who is responsible to perform the spraying activities name should be mentioned. This is important to do because you know who to contact when needed.

  • Reference number:

There is a unique number that is associated with each sheet you use for keeping a record. This number distinguishes one sheet from another. Furthermore, the reference number is enough to mention when you want to tell which spray record sheet you are referring to. Some people use different record sheets every month or every 6 months. This entails adding the reference number in the record sheet from them.

  • The area where you have sprayed:

It is very important to mention that how much area and which area has been sprayed and which area is yet to be sprayed. This is crucial to prevent one area from getting sprayed twice and another area from getting neglected completely.

  • Name of the chemical used:

The chemicals which have been sprayed should be mentioned in the record sheet. Sometimes, you don’t know which chemical will work and you check different chemicals and their effects. To check the viability of each chemical, you are required to mention that which chemical you are using and for how long, the area under your supervision stayed exposed to those chemicals.

With this information, you can see which chemical is working. In this way, you will be able to justify the treatment plan you have chosen for that area.

  • Active ingredients:

In front of the name of each chemical, you should mention the active ingredients in each chemical. This information is useful for you to see which ingredient works. When a particular chemical goes out of stock, you can find another chemical with the same ingredient to use for the application.

  • Quantity sprayed:

If the chemical being applied is liquid, you will mention the quantity in ml. However, if you have a huge area to be sprayed, you can change the ml to liters depending on your needs. In case you have used solid, change the unit.

Spray Record Sheet Template