Building Maintenance Record Sheet

What is the maintenance of a building?

Building maintenance is a process in which different procedures are performed to look for the things and parts of the building that need proper maintenance. Those who perform the maintenance try to ensure that the occupants of the building live comfortably in it. For this purpose, they check the roofing, electrical system, interior, exterior, and all parts of the building to ensure that all parts are in working condition and are not going to collapse in near future.

If there is anything that has gone through wear and tear, people are given the task of maintenance check and repair them. They also replace them with new parts at times.


What is the maintenance of a building record sheet?

It is a document in which, the details pertaining to the maintenance of the building are recorded. Whenever a building is provided with maintenance, the record is taken down into this record sheet. This enables the occupants of the building to determine which part of the building has been maintained and checked for its performance lately and which part is yet to be maintained.

Advantages of using the building record sheet:

The record sheet used for the maintenance of a building is something very useful that the owner of a building must consider using. If this sheet is used properly, the user can render the best benefits. Below are some of the prominent benefits one can render:

  • It saves the cost of the user:

Maintaining things regularly does save costs. Those who don’t spend money on small fixing and maintenance have to spend a big sum of money in the long run. Therefore, the record sheet enables the user to determine which part of the building has recently been seen requiring maintenance. The record sheet serves as a reminder telling the user to save the cost and maintain the building at the same time.

  • It tells about urgent repairs:

With the help of the record sheet, the owner of the building can keep the urgent repairs in checks. In this way, he can get urgent repair done immediately. Some people come to know about the urgent repair the building needs but don’t pay any heed to it. Sometimes, they are concerned about the fixing however, forget it. In that situation, the record sheet serves as a reminder and keeps telling the user that the building needs urgent fixing.

  • It never let the user miss out on scheduled maintenance:

People who are concerned about the maintenance of the building often schedule the maintenance. Some people schedule it once in six months while some schedule once a year. The record sheet is maintained with the information of the schedule made by the owner of the building. Then, this sheet starts reminding the user about the schedule. This ensures that the user will never miss out on the schedule.

  • It helps to monitor the maintenance work being done:

When the maintenance work of the building is started, the building owner wants to keep track of the work. He usually assigns different tasks of maintenance to different people.

For example, the electricians are delegated to do electric work. Similarly, other people are also assigned different tasks for the maintenance of the building. Then, the record sheet is used to see who was assigned which work and in how much time, the person doing the work was supposed to complete it.

Who uses the building maintenance record sheet?

Building owners usually assign the job of performing the maintenance to different project managers or companies performing the maintenance. These project managers and laborers use the record sheet to determine the amount of maintenance work they have been assigned.

Sometimes, the business owner himself deals with the record sheet. In this situation, he checks whether the work is being done as efficiently as it was scheduled.

Those people who are given the task to perform the maintenance can also use this record sheet as their companion to deal with messy situations and complexities.

Building maintenance record sheet template:

Many people like to keep track of the maintenance work there building has to go through. However, they don’t know how they can do that because they no idea what things they need to keep track of to ensure proper maintenance. For such people, the template is a useful tool to be used.

The template is usually downloaded in MS Excel sheet. This sheet is very easy to maintain. The template tells the user which detail to be recorded in the sheet. In this way, it helps the user on each and every step of building maintenance and helps him ensure proper maintenance that goes a long way for him.

Building maintenance record sheet template