House Cleaning Checklist

Homes are where an individual feels at peace and a place where one not only seeks shelter but is able to spend some quality time alone and with family. Many individuals are born and spend the rest of their lives in the same home, many times these homes and humble abodes need to have some kind of maintenance & cleanliness done so they have the same zest and the same vigor in then like when they were constructed for the first time. For this, a regular maintenance is to be done.

During this maintenance & cleanliness, one needs to make sure that from every small to big thing is being done and for that, a home maintenance & cleanliness checklist is to be made. This checklist helps in making sure that everything that had to be maintained or had to be done has been done and finished. It gives a more sense of work and helps in listing down all the things that need to be done.


To make a house cleaning checklist, one needs to make sure that all the things are listed in a systematic order and a separate box for tick marking is kept. Many people tend to cross out things. Yes, it does give mental peace but it ruins the whole checklist and you cannot use the checklist more than once. It is best that two different colored pens be used, one for writing the checklist and one for tick marking so that it gives the whole house cleaning checklist a more organized and a neater look.

Given template offers a comprehensive place to make sure that all the cleanliness based on daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal schedule has been done. The worksheet is more like a record keeping for what has been done and what left. The worksheet is more like a reminder for what cleaning part is missing in your daily, weekly & monthly routine. You can feel more punctual at doing cleanliness once you stick yourself in working with the sheet.

Download & take a print of the sheet to punch on the wall and keep ticking for what job has been done. Stay clean. All the best!


House Cleaning Checklist Template for Excel


House Cleaning Checklist Template

Format: MS Excel 2003 & Later


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