Employee Equipment Inventory Sheet

Equipment Inventory Sheets?

It is common in companies to assign the equipment, items or asset to use or borrow and they are expected to return it to the company in time. But, it sometimes becomes difficult and rather messy to keep a fine record of such things and a lot of such activity may go unnoticed. Here comes this sheet. The task of this employee equipment inventory sheet is to keep a record of what was borrowed by the employee, when it was borrowed and when it gets due.

Uses or significance

The sheet can do all the work on behalf of the company. The best use of this sheet is that each employee’s name is mentioned on it whenever the issuing took place or even when the employee access the warehouse. In this way, the management knows who accessed what and when the equipment was accessed. The regular practice of managing this easy sheet in which each and every transaction related to the product or item from inventory, made by the employee or employees, attests to be a simple and effective way.


There are many straight benefits of maintaining this sheet. One of the major benefits is that an inventory manager can make staff accountable for any loss or non-functioning of the due equipment or product. Furthermore, a properly maintained sheet will help the management to keep a good record of available stock that can be allocated to other staff members. In other words, because of this list, demand & supply of the equipment can be regulated effectively.


The template should start with the heading and some details like what shows what’s on the table below. For example, what color highlight will describe how much time period, etc. The simplest of the template of employee equipment list comprises of five columns. Each one of them describes a different purpose. The first column should describe the equipment ID, on second comes its name, then the name of the employee to whom it was assigned. After that should come the date of issuing and the last should be the age of an item issued. This way is the easiest and convenient to keep a record of the things.



Employee Equipment Inventory Sheet


Employee Equipment Inventory Sheet

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