Fishbone Template

Fishbone Template

A fishbone diagram is also known as cause and effect diagram. It is called fishbone because its shape is quite similar to the fish skeleton. The cause and effect analyses are carried out with the help of fishbone analysis. The cause and effect analysis means finding out the possible causes of certain problems. There are many fishbone templates which are available on the internet as printable files. With the help of the template, the person can design his own fishbone diagram. Although the diagram made by the user would not be completely similar to the fishbone skeleton but it has been made very easy and the person finds it very easy to edit it.

The person should use the cell formatting in order to add or remove the branches to the diagram. In order to increase the space for primary causes, the person can insert additional rows in the template. For secondary and tertiary causes, the person can use the feature of indenting the text. If he wants to add more categories to the template, then he can add more columns and broaden the template.


The purpose of using this template is to identify all those causes which lead to particular results or problems. A fishbone diagram template is a very simple tool which helps in carrying out the cause and effect analysis. Many causes in the diagram are grouped together and an arrowhead is used to indicate that how these causes flow towards one specified end.

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Fishbone Template

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