Eyewash Station Maintenance Log

In many organization and workplaces, the work hazards are a lot. These organizations are such which deal more in the manufacturing and production side and the employees that work in the organization or working in the factory or in places where they need to be in contact with harmful and hazardous substances. To make sure that the workers are safe and their safety is of concern, an organization plants various Eyewash stations where workers, if God forbid, get something in their eye or in their face they can wash it off. These eyewash stations are planted and put out in a number of areas of the workplace and it is the duty of the manager or the assistant manager that he or she makes sure that the eyewash station is maintained and up to the mark so that the workers have no issues when making use of the eyewash station.

The maintenance of the eyewash station can be done by keeping and maintaining an Eyewash station maintenance log which helps the manager in making sure that the eyewash station is up to standard and is safe for use. This Eyewash station maintenance log has various rows and columns in which details such as when was the maintenance of the eyewash station done, when was it repaired, is it functioning well, does it need to be cleaned and checked, how many people make use of it, is it being run smoothly and etc. are to be filled out. This Eyewash station maintenance log is to be maintained on a daily or weekly basis.



Eyewash Station Maintenance Log Template


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