Expense Budget Template

Making a budget of every month is a tiring job to be done. You have to assess all your incomes, expenditures, and savings from all the sources. Remember it is the work that you do every month. It takes a lot of time and patience to go through a lot of utility bills and receipts etc. every now and then. To make sure that you don’t have to spoil your time and mood while making a budget sheet for your expenses, an expense budget template is used.

What is an expense budget template?

It is a spreadsheet template that allows you to calculate all your expenses and expenditures that you do in one month. Having a template that has the data of all the expenses of last 12 months give you the expense budget of one year. You can compare the expense budget of every month. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the things that are costing you the most.


You can adjust and balance your expenses by reflecting upon these spreadsheets.

How to handle an expense budget template?

  • This template allows you to compare your actual budget with your expense. You can use the template given below which is designed by templates.office.com/. This template allows you to modify the heads and lines according to the categories of your expense.
  • Whether you are handling the expense of your personal budget, your business’ budget or your family’s monthly budget, this template will help you a lot in estimating your income and expenses.
  • You should have a clear cut idea about the income and its sources. It does not include all the bonuses and promotions.
  • You have to categorize your expenses. The food, rents, utility bills etc. all came under the expenses. It is advisable to keep every receipt after you buy anything. This will help you a lot in analyzing the budget and expenses.
  • Try to fulfill your basic needs at first. Once you have made an estimated budget for this, you can work on the luxuries that you avail and then the savings.

Make a budget list that balances your income and expenses.


Expense Budget Template


Expense Budget Template

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