Saving Estimator Template

Savings Estimator

You can keep track of the growth of investment over time. With the help of this estimator, you can estimate the time in which you can save a specific amount of money. The saving estimator helps the person in setting his goals of saving, and it also allows the person to figure out that how much amount he needs to keep at different intervals to save the amount set in the goal.

Details to be included in the saving estimator:

  1. The cost in the start that you have in your hand for contributing to the total amount in your account.
  2. The amount that you will deposit each month to your account. The amount that you want to deposit each month ultimately depends on the total income.
  3. Estimate the annual interest that you will earn on the money deposited in the account. It should also be specified that if the interest will be received on a monthly basis or annual basis.
  4. Some years in which you want to save money.
  5. The rate of inflation should also be specified in this estimator.
  6. The time interval after which each deposition will be done.

Estimating the saving in a specific amount of time can be done easily if you have set your saving goals. Establishing the goals for saving allows you to be more accelerated towards your goals.


Saving estimator template:

The template of saving estimator is handy for those people who want to save their time and to estimate the amount of money that they will be able to save in a specific period. You can get a readymade and easy to use saving estimator template from this website and download it free of cost.

The details mentioned in the estimator are easy to understand. The highly customizable saving estimator makes it easy for users of different demands and requirements. The user can download it once and then can use it over and over again.



Saving Estimator Template


Saving Estimator Template

File: Excel (.xls) 2003 & Later 
Size 25 Kb | Download

[Personal Use Only]


Saving estimator template is a great tool for those people who want to manage their finances effectively by saving the money. This template has been prepared in MS Excel file format and it is intended to perform all the calculations easily and quickly. A user is required to mention the amount he wants to save and the time duration. The rest of the task will be done by the template.

What is the purpose of using the saving estimator template?

Many people find it too hard to save money since it requires them to hold their desires and buy only what they actually need. Most of the people never succeed in saving money because of not knowing about the right strategies to be adopted in an attempt to save money. The purpose of using the saving estimator tool is to reduce the daily and monthly expenses.

The saving estimator template is for everyone mainly those who want to secure themselves financially after retirement. Everyone wants to get a secure retirement plan that can help them after their retirement as there is no source of income in that phase of time. The use of saving estimator template provides great help to deal with any type of financial crisis in that phase of life.

What is included in the saving estimator template?

This template contains many fields required to be filled by the user wanting to get the estimate of saving. There are certain fields that collect information in order to give accurate results. The information to be included includes the current age of the user, the retirement age of the user, the age expectancy of the person, the price of the product you are purchasing, saving per purchase, saving per month and a lot more.

Once you finish adding all these details, this template will tell you how much you are likely to save at the end of the month. If you want to estimate the savings of the whole year, you can do it simply by choosing the period of one year.

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