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Budgeting is a very important technique which very few have mastered. Budgeting is a very important skill that leads to a healthy life. Laying out certain budgetary principles in life can help an individual live a much-disciplined life. Living your life without a budget is like traveling without a road map. You never know where you are going. Most of the successful men & women make a budget for the month. This helps to anticipate any expected and unexpected expenses. The use of strict budget may seem tiring but it has helped a lot of people to attain financial stability.

Maintaining a budget can help provide a roadmap. You know where every cent is going. It can help analyze any problems in spending and to control the expenses. Our expenses change with the change in our life. If we plan our budget, we can experience the change in spending in our budget also.

When we draft a budget, we predict our expenses and then we can compare them to the actual expense and see any reasons for the variance. Variances identify any extra spending and this way corrective actions can be taken. Conflicts can arise in families about spending too much. Prioritizing the expenses is very important. Budgeting can help prioritize over the important and not so important issues.

Budget is one of the very important factors of any event planning. A successful event is one which is economically planned. An event budget is always based on the funds available for the event. If the budget is huge, it might not be hard to plan the event. But if the budget is limited, planning it can be a challenge.

At the very first stage of the event planning, the total costs of the major expenses should be considered. Some of the major costs of an event could be the catering, venue, equipment, and guests. The most important factor is to stick to the budget plan. An event budget sheet can be prepared in advance. The total estimated cost should be mentioned on the sheet. Every cost should be mentioned in detail. Every expense has some further categories of expenses. The details of every expense mentioned can help calculate the variance.


If you are planning for an event, the foremost thing is to plan a viable budget for smooth progress for a basic event, like Excel or any template software, are present online, where you can use pre-formatted worksheets to plan your event budget. They provide you customizable working to design your own budget plan in the way you want. The event budget template includes the following features.

  • Name of every Item included in the event purchases
  • The whole expense
  • Details of the items and operations involved in the event

In terms of business operations, the event manager compiles the budget that can forecast the gain or loss of business regarding the onset of an event. Selecting venue, planning dates and choosing cuisines, all cost are summated and a virtual outcome of expenditure is notified. This will lead to a predictable event expenditure set-up, which when applies to bring fruitful outcomes. Although the budget takes time and effort to formulate, there are some Aspects which have to be understood while preparing the event budget.

  • If the forecast of the Budget is showcasing future loss then it will be easier to rearrange things to control extra expenses.
  • The realistic approach towards the real number of people attending the event will help in managing a budget.
  • In an event budget planning, unforeseen conditions should be considered first, this will really help if some unavoidable circumstances hit the event.

Travel, transport, salaries, stationery, insurance, venue, accommodation, and food are the expenses that are vital elements in preparing the event budget. So plan an event budget with open eyes and try free online templates to compile a presentable event budget sheet.

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