Home Schooling Study Record Template

When it comes to homeschooling, the most important factor to consider is record-keeping. Homeschooling record-keeping is essential to documenting the learning experience of the child. In many countries, the record is needed as an essential document. It is advisable to keep a record of homeschooling so that it can be known what a child is learning.

To document the homeschooling progress of your child, a digital portfolio is the best way, not only the kid’s photo but also the image of the kid’s worksheet certificates, paintings, and assignments. You can arrange them in a folder or compile a slide show. This folder is saved to a flash drive and forwarded to the concerned official for evaluation.


Video clips of child activities like playing musical instruments, sports events, and debate competitions can be taken to minimize the paperwork mess, however, everything should be done following the conditions described by the state law. It is better to stick a date on your calendar to update your portfolios, it is done to prevent the mess at the end of the year.

A simple spreadsheet that lists the book title, author, and dates used is enough to compile the book log. Just try to do anything within the limitations of the state’s law, but organize the kid’s lessons and other activities with the minimum clutter to present in front of the homeschooling authorized officials. After these things are organized, you can compile the monthly or quarterly progress report online through free templates of the homeschooling progress report. This spreadsheet is available in Microsoft Office as Excel templates or on many other websites offering free templates with fully customizable options.

These templates display monthly and quarterly spreadsheets with blocks for comments. Every section can be customized to format the progress report according to your state’s law specifications, and you can fill in the details in your downloadable templates and print as many copies as you want.

Importance of homeschooling study record sheet:

It should be kept in mind that record keeping is not required only because the state demands it. The teacher who wants to document the learning process of the child can also use it to assess the learning of the child.

The parents giving homeschooling should use the log, which can record what the child is learning in the school. The use of a homeschooling study record sheet template is a great tool to keep up with information about the child’s learning.

The homeschooling study record sheet is a handy tool for parents and teachers who want to keep a daily journal. The basic purpose of the template is to record the learning of the child regularly.

Home schooling study record template


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What are the benefits of using the homeschooling study record sheet?

This template provides many useful features to parents and teachers so that they can easily make and maintain the log. Some of the key benefits of this template are:

  1. The template enables parents and teachers to record the events that occurred over time. The details of the events can be consulted later on to see what the child has done in homeschooling apart from course learning
  2. Since a child at home also gets assignments to be completed, the teacher can use the sheet to note down all the assignments.
  3. The details about the study material are also written on the sheet
  4. The sheet contains separate sections for each information type, due to which it is much less likely for the user to forget to add an important detail.

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