Employee Task & Weekly Working Hour Record Sheet

Big and successful organizations believe in keeping track of every task accomplished by the people they hire to ensure the smooth running of each operation in the company. Moreover, keeping track of the task completed also enables the company to appreciate the employee and calculate the total amount it is liable to pay to its employees.

There are many such organizations that pay their employees on weekly basis. Therefore, calculating the wages to be paid is important.


How much amount an organization is required to pay to its employees completely depend on the number of hours an employee has worked. There is a record sheet used by many organizations to record the total number of hours an employee invests each day. At the end of the week, all the hours worked by the employee are totaled to get the net result.

When the employee is absent from work, the company may make deductions from the salary if the reason for the sickness was not specified. The recording sheet tells the company that how many days the employee stayed absent from the work.

Attendance has a priority in every discipline area. The serious organization always focus on such records to help in smooth operational advancements. This attendance can bring easy payroll processing, workforce control vigilant eye on labor and their costs etc. The Weekly Working Hour Record is mandatory as most employers pay their staffs weekly therefore to calculate their wages a weekly attendance profile will help you to sign the weekly paycheck.

If your employee is absent from the work you should know the reason and should develop such strategies to discover the reason of absence. Emails, notes, and other means can track the reason behind such circumstances.

You can count the sick leave, annual leave, and other vacation clearly through the weekly attendance record. It will help you to take any strict disciplinary action against the employee if needed. You can assess whether or not the absence is protected by law and dealing with complicated issues.

Some employees also work some extra hours on regular days to complete the task on time. Those extra hours are also calculated with the help of a record sheet. The sheet gets the information through the sign in sheet of the employee. The time of arrival and exit from the company is noted and then it can be seen easily that how many hours an employee has worked.

The Template

Instead of making the sheet from scratch, many people prefer downloading a readymade and printable template. Using the template has plenty of benefits as it saves the time of the user and also provides a record sheet which is the best document to be used by professional people.

This template contains many empty fields which are required to be filled by the user. When the user provides all the details, the template performs the calculations with the help of pre-default formulas.

A comprehensive Task & Weekly Working Hour Record is drafted on a pre-formatted sheet which traditionally has rows and columns to form a grid where employees name with working hours are mentioned. The timeout and time in space are written which has to be filled by the employee.

The weekly working hours record sheet begins with the company logo and the title. If you have any difficulty in designing the weekly task completion record sheet for your organization, you can take help from ohm-line free templates and customize them according to your priorities.


Employee task and weekly working hour record sheet

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Employee Task & Weekly Working Hour Record Sheet

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