Employee Holiday/Sickness Schedule

If one were to tell that what is it that makes or breaks any organization or any business is, they would easily say that the employees are those entities that have the power and the ability to either make an organization or break it.

It is the employees that through their struggles and their diligence, contribute to the triumph and profitability of the organization. Without making the employees comfortable and happy, no organization has ever been successful and has always been on the brink of being shut down.


Of course, there are countless ways in which an organization can make the employees happy and the most common are to give them a standard amount of days as holidays and to understand their needs when they are sick. And to make sure that the everyday work isn’t disturbed, a Holiday sickness schedule it to be maintained.

When an employee goes on leave due to sickness, the company is required to keep track of the total number of absentees of the employee. Some company does this very conveniently by making the schedule for holidays taken by the employee.

Every employee has a right to take leave due to any problem. The company has to manage everything in the employee’s absence. A schedule is made in many organizations to manage everything effectively and in an organized manner.

Some organizations also use holiday sickness schedule when they want to keep track of the number of days the employee stays absent from work. The calculation of salary is based on this information if the employee is not granted with paid leave.

Regardless of the situation, the employee holiday sickness is always a helpful tool especially for those organizations where there are a lot of employees working and remembering the absentee details is not easy.

This holiday sickness schedule enables an organization and the worker to know when their colleague or when a worker is sick and what is to be done so that the whole team or the organization doesn’t fall behind. This Holiday and sickness schedule also enables an organization to maintain a record for the employees that have taken a leave and to facilitate them accordingly. This schedule should have details regarding each and every employee and then details as to why have they taken an off and how many holiday sickness leaves do they have left. This enables check and balance and ensures that the organization is on the right track.


Holiday sickness schedule

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How to create the employee holiday sickness schedule?

The employee holiday schedule is prepared in MS Excel as it is the most appropriate software for creating a schedule. The schedule should be started by writing the title of the document at the top. The month for which the schedule is being made should be mentioned after the title along with the date.

The names of all the employees can then be listed in the schedule sheet. The attendance of each day is marked in the schedule. For distinction, you can highlight the absentees of the employee with red color. In this way, the company will be able to see how many days the employee stayed absent.

Making sickness schedule saves the company from the hassle that it may face in tracking the absentees of the employee manually. The schedule enables the company to keep track of absentees and creating a report of employee’s attendance.

There is a specific number of sickness holidays that can be granted to an employee each month. The company makes sure with the help of schedule that the holidays granted to the employees do not exceed the number of leaves an employee is allowed to get each month.

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