Donation Pledge Log

For any non-government organization or a non-profit organization, donations are extremely important. It is because of these donations that these organizations are able to work and perform their duties. These donations are from various donators who have the means and the heart to donate their wealth to them.

What is the donation pledge log?

The donation pledge log is required to be maintained by non-profit organizations for recording the pledges in a single document. Donation pledge log is a platform where the user can enter the pledged amount, the money received from the donors and a lot more.


Donations are very important for non-profit organizations. These organizations actually run and completely rely on the donation they receive. The donations are usually made by the affluent people of the society and those who have feelings of empathy for less privileged people.

It should be noted that donations aren’t always in the form of money or any monetary item, but can be in the form of tangibles such as resources, toys, furniture and etc. for a charitable organization or a non-profit organization, making sure that all the donations that they get are logged and are noted down is crucial. Because it helps them in taxes and during the end of year audit as well.

It is important for an organization to keep track of all the donations it receives. Many organizations these days are using the donation pledge log which is more convenient to use than any other document.

For this these organizations maintain a donation pledge log which is kept by the management of an organization and every time the organization receives a donation, the entry is kept in a log.

Donation pledge log template:

The donation pledge log is difficult to maintain for anyone who is new to this field. The pledge log template has been designed to facilitate such people. The user is required to make an entry in the log template whenever he receives the donation. In this way, the record of pledges can be maintained. The donation pledge log is responsible for keeping track of all the donations receives. It also tells the user how long did the donor keep paying.

The donation pledge log template provides all the necessary details about the pledge that a non-profit organization may need. However, if there is any such detail which is missing in the template, the user can make it in accordance with his non-profit organization by modification.

Since many organizations don’t have the time to make the log from scratch, they use a template, this template contains various columns and rows in which the details regarding the donation such as the type of donation, received by whom, the worth and etc. are mentioned along with the details about the donor as well such as who was the donor, ID and etc.

Many times many organizations fail to mention important details in the log such as to whom is the log to be submitted to. Without this detail, the whole purpose of the log is moot.

Donation pledge log template

Download your file below.

Donation Pledge Log Template

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Benefits of the template:

Some of the key features of this template are:

  1. The format of this template is very simple and easy to understand that increases the usability of the template.
  2. The template is designed by professionals who are well aware of the content to be included in the template to make a suitable tool for documenting the details regarding pledge.
  3. The user can customize the template according to his needs. He can add or remove the unwanted details from the template so make completely relevant to his organization.

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