Vehicle Information & Inspection Sheets

What is vehicle information sheet?

It is a professionally used document that works effectively in collecting the information about the vehicle. The vehicle information in some businesses is crucial to collect.

For example, if you deal in the buying and selling of the used cars, knowing the condition of the vehicle, as well as driving habits of the driver, is important. In such a situation, using vehicle information sheet can be beneficial.


A good information sheet prepared for a vehicle is a very beneficial document for you if you want to keep track of the vehicle. The form is provided to the people who you want to provide you with the details of the vehicle.

The form collects comprehensive details about the vehicle such as make, model, color, engine number, total mileage, VIN number and a lot more.

Many information forms also provide a space for adding the photograph of the vehicle. A well-prepared vehicle information form will help you in collecting as much information about the vehicle as you want.

What should be included in the information sheet?

If you want to create a form for yourself, you should know about the details that should be added to the form so that you can collect maximum information. A professionally used information sheet should be able to collect the following details

  1. Stock number of the vehicle
  2. Name of manufacturer
  3. Model number
  4. Engine number
  5. VIN
  6. Total number of cylinders
  7. Colour
  8. Built date
  9. Total price

Other specifications of the vehicle such as tires type, battery information etc. are also mentioned in the vehicle information form.

If you are the one who wants to save time and need a professional looking form, you can download the template of the form. The template provides enough information about the vehicle that you need for a specific purpose.

If you find this template not to be appropriate for your business, you can customize it in order to tailor it your needs. The details which are not related to your vehicle can easily be omitted from the form template.

Vehicle information sheet


Vehicle inspection sheet:

The inspection of the vehicle can save you from a lot of problems that may arise in future. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the vehicle under inspection conforms to the safety rules and regulations in the country. There are various instances where the inspection of the vehicle is required to be performed.

For example, when the ownership of the vehicle is changed, the new owner may want to conduct the inspection of the vehicle. It is suggested to conduct the inspection periodically in order to keep track of the vehicle’s performance.

Vehicle inspection tips:

There should always be a use of a systematic approach when it comes to inspecting the vehicle. There are some parts of the vehicle that should be inspected every day while some are needed to be inspected once a week or a month.

An efficient inspection always helps you get an idea about the condition of the vehicle. Here are few guidelines that will help you inspect your vehicle effectively

  1. Check the oil level in the engine daily
  2. Check the air pressure in the tires daily. Before you start driving, make sure that the tires are completely inflated.
  3. Check the headlights of the vehicle
  4. Make sure that all the lights including signal lights are working properly
  5. Check the working of horns and seatbelts
  6. Check the brakes of the vehicle once a month

Since the purpose of the inspection is to make sure that the vehicle is safe to drive, all those parts of the vehicle should be inspected that can cause an accident when not working properly.

The vehicle inspection sheet is usually prepared in the form of the spreadsheet document. The template for this sheet is also available for the people not knowing what to inspect to confirm that the vehicle is safe to drive.

The template includes all the steps to be taken in order to make sure that the vehicle is working properly.  Things to be inspected are written in the form of a checklist so that you can check each box after completing the inspection.

Vehicle inspection sheet