Plant Inventory Template

Plant inventory is the list of plants available in the garden. If you are running a business of selling plants, you will be in need to list down all the available plants in your inventory. The purpose of using this inventory is to have a centralized system where every plant can be tracked easily.

The inventory enables you to keep an eye on the time when plants are watered, planted and a lot more. Light preference of every plant is different. In order to ensure that every plant is getting the desired amount of light, plant inventory list can serve the purpose.


Online plant inventory template helps you organize the database of all the plants in a much-organized manner.

Benefits of using plant inventory template:

The key benefits of using this template are:

  1. Plant inventory template helps the owner of garden or plant nursery house all the items in one place. Getting the details of any plant becomes easier if all the plants are housed in a single database.
  2. The user can access the inventory database from anywhere.
  3. The template also supports images. The images of plants in the inventory list make it easier for the user to identify the plant by looking at the image.
  4. The template is editable that enables the user to add or remove various details from the inventory.
  5. There are also many other features provided by plant inventory template.

No matter you have a small business or a large one, the use of plant inventory template is very helpful. Use the simple online inventory template for your plants’ collection and keep your team completely organized around the tasks needed to be done for completion of the desired project.

Key elements of plant inventory:

The main details that can be added to the plant inventory are:

  1. A common name of the company
  2. Genus and species name of the plant
  3. Date of purchase of plant
  4. Date the plant was planted
  5. The frequency of watering the plant
  6. Temperature and light preferences
  7. At the end of the inventory list, you can add the notes as a reminder


Plant inventory template


Plant Inventory Template

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