Cafe Cleaning Schedule Template

Food is served in the cafe because of which the cleanliness is very important to be maintained in the cafe. It is the legal requirement of every cafe to keep it clean so that hygienic food can be served to the visitors. The owner of the cafe is responsible for keeping the food free from all type of pathogens so that the customers can be protected from a different type of bacteria. A cafe is known for its reputation and the quality of food it serves.

It should always be ensured that proper safety management system for effective food preparation and serving is being practiced. When you have adopted all the cleanliness methods and you are meeting all your legal duties, you are doing your best when it comes to being honest to your work.


Benefits of cafe cleaning schedule:

To ensure cleanliness in your cafe, you can prepare a cafe cleaning schedule.

Cleanliness schedule can be the evidence of your diligence in adopting cleanliness. This schedule not only increases the level of accountability but also improves the hygiene of the food. Here are few benefits of using cafe cleaning schedule:

  1. With the help of the schedule, the owner of the cafe ensures that consistent cleanliness is being carried out.
  2. With the help of this schedule, you can ensure that there is no chance of food contamination or poisoning. The schedule also enables the person to create a hospitable environment for staff to work efficiently.
  3. There can be many legal actions that you can face if you are not practicing the cleanliness in your cafe. You will not be able to follow the standard cleanliness ways because of not having a proper cleanliness schedule.
  4. If you are planning to make the cleanliness schedule for your cafe, make sure that you prepare a specific schedule. The details that are needed by your staff must be given properly in this schedule.
  5. The safety precautions related to the cleanliness should be mentioned in it. These precautions help practice safety in the safe.


Cafe Cleaning Schedule Template


The template contains different sheets for the whole week. For a single sheet e.g Monday you can see different areas of the cafe that needs cleanliness. The cleaning schedule is organized according to different times. It starts from 7:00 A.M and ends at 11:00 P.M. Still you can change the hours as per your requirement.

In the last column, you can see it counts for the number of times the cleaning is done.

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