Employee Work rotation schedule

A work rotation schedule is a job schedule used for the company’s workers. When an employee works for a set number of hours in a day and another employee is required to start that work, a work rotation schedule is used. This schedule’s main objective is to shift employees’ working hours. In this schedule, a day is typically divided into three sections. Each section consists of eight hours.

The eight-hour shift is rotated among three different workers. Usually, this schedule is used by industries or companies that work 24 hours a day. A work rotation schedule is useful for an organization that wants to work smoothly. Each laborer in the organization is given an equal amount of time to work due to the frequent work rotations.


The work rotation schedule also works as a calendar for the employees, which works as a communication tool between the employee and the organization. Each employee in an organization works on one shift for a week, and then the shift is rotated to another set of hours.

A ready-made template of this schedule is also available on the internet. The template provides an easy way for a person to follow the rotation schedule. You have to enter several months for which you want to make the schedule and then provide the rotation pattern you want to be followed in an organization. You are also required to provide the number of hours you want to work and the number of shifts to be worked.

How do I use the Employee Work Rotation Schedule Template?

A work rotation schedule is helpful for all managers who want to keep a record of the different shifts and working hours of employees. In some places, the working schedule may continue for 24 hours, for which employees need to shift their duties at regular intervals. Usually, three shifts are followed, resulting in 8 hours for each shift.

The practice followed for this type of working environment put employees to work at different shifts. An employee working the morning shift for one week can be put on the evening shift for next week, and hence on the night shift for the upcoming weeks.

Keeping a record of shifts for each day becomes hectic if a proper schedule planner is not maintained. Here is a work rotation schedule template that will help you comprehensively do this task. Follow the instructions below to use this template for productive results.

  • Download and save a copy of this template to your computer.
  • This file is in .zip format. So extract it into your local computer folder to obtain a Microsoft Excel (.xls) format file.
  • Open this file using Microsoft Excel Software.
  • On the top right corner, choose the week for which you want to maintain a record of shift rotation.
  • The format is designed weekday-wise, starting from Monday onward. You can still change this order as per your requirements.
  • Three shift timings are given by default. Leave these times if they are according to your requirements, or change them to the time you are following at your workplace.
  • Enter the employee’s names. In the worksheet, it is given only six, but you can add or remove them as per your case.
  • Each employee must enter his/her shift duty. Just type “continue” under the shift for which the employee is working. You will see that its color will change.
  • For each day, if an employee has performed his/her duty, it will be counted as “1” in the last column. Write “sick” if an employee is absent for a reason.
  • Fill out this sheet for one-week shifts for all the employees.
  • At the end, total working days and total pay are calculated for each employee.
  • For more weeks, copy and paste this sheet to continue.

I hope you will like this worksheet, and for any shortcomings you find, please write in the comments so that we can improve it to its best use. Thank you!


Employee Work rotation schedule

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