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Office maintenance & schedule templates

If you are having or working in an office you must understand the value of constant office maintenance. It might seem that some offices need more maintenance on a regular basis than the others. But it’s not true. The fact is that every office needs a proper maintenance on a fixed time period whether the maintenance is of minor origin or a major fixture is required.

The office building has uncountable employees and the to and fro of employees and other individual made the office unclean. However, open to the public offices crucially require regular maintenance. The reasons why this premises should be maintained are to assure hygienic environment and for an appealing presentation and to attract more client or customers.


Scheduled maintenance services are desirable to upgrade the office environment. You need regular cleaning, or alignment such, air conditioners or fire extinguishers fixing, door alignments etc. – work out the best time intervals for maintenance and hire a reliable service for up-gradation.


  • Do in advance to prevent hazards for staff and the public
  • Long-term usage of the premises and assets
  • Reduce cost associated with major destruction
  • Minimize emergency glitches

If you want to maintain your office then you have to schedule it in an organized manner. The free online templates will serve to do this task for you in a customizable manner. Just download these templates in your organizational digital devices. You have to fill in your timetable and the maintenance log is ready for your office upkeep.

Download your file below.

Office Maintenance Schedule Template

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