Marketing Budget Planning Sheet

A company’s progress entirely depends upon its marketing plan. This plan is a torchbearer and a guideline that covers the strategies, tactics, cost and benefits ratio, and possible outcomes of the projects for a respective period of time. The marketing budget plan keeps the flow of work in a company in a streamlined direction. The company remains focused on a specific goal and is more likely to achieve it if it follows the planned directions. A marketing expert has to be focused on his strategy since he has to make sure that every penny is spent wisely and within the assigned budget.

What is a Marketing budget planning sheet template?

Technology has eased the pavement of hard work for the man. Decades ago, marketing plans were stored in files containing bundles of pages. One had to go through this bundle to check the smallest details as well. Microsoft has eased this passage by developing MS Excel that provides with the templates of marketing budget plan. This template contains all the key features of marketing strategies.


The key component of marketing budget plan Template:     

While making a Marketing budget plan Template, keep the following features and goals in your mind:

  • Brand strategy
  • Overview of the product
  • Pricing of the product
  • Services provided
  • Detailed budget of every step
  • Sales planning and management
  • Marketing campaigns details including the digital media, online advertising, email marketing etc.
  • Marketing plans management including customer retention
  • Budget comparison between planned budget and spent budget

Things to look out for while making the Marketing budget plan Template:

  1. Align your budget with your marketing goals. You have to spend a lot of money while doing campaigns so keep that in mind.
  2. You have to make sure that you are always ready for the hidden costs associated with the marketing. The spreadsheet allows you to calculate and keep a record of the hidden costs.
  3. You have to prioritize your stuff while making the marketing plan. Keep your audience in your mind. This will help you to increase your profit. This balances the budget and expense to a great deal.

Here is a sample template designed by our team for your convenience.


Marketing budget planning sheet for Excel


Marketing Budget Planning Sheet

File Format: MS Excel 2003 & Later

File Size: 43 KB | Download

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