Grocery Inventory Template

The grocery inventory list tracks all the items that are available in your pantry for making meals and runs your kitchen until your next visit to the shop. The pantry includes rice, pulses, canned foods, snacks, cooking oil, tea or coffee, and many more. Spices and refrigerator foods are also included in this list.

This list can be placed anywhere in the kitchen or the dining area in a printable form, where it can be easily accessed by every member of the home especially the person who goes out for groceries.


The grocery inventory list needs to be changed and updated all the time, as we have to add and subtract items daily. This list is different from one household to another depending on the number of family members and the budget allocated for food.

Grocery inventory list highlights:

This list includes:

  1. Items you already have in your kitchen for making meals.
  2. Items you need to buy for running your kitchen.
  3. Item in stock that needs to be cooked or finished before expiry.
Grocery Inventory Template

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Uses of having a grocery inventory list:

This list includes points that need to be considered while running a kitchen and making your pantry complete for use. Some of the positive points are mentioned:

  • It helps in making a menu of dishes to be cooked and makes cooking easy.
  • It helps in reminding you to finish the food you have already got in the kitchen before it gets expired or rotten.
  • The grocery inventory list makes sure that your kitchen does not run short of items needed for cooking or any unannounced dinners or parties.
  • The list saves you money and does not let you spend extra money on an item you do not need.
  • It saves you time and frequent visits to the grocery store again and again.
  • It helps you to organize family meet-up parties or any other occasion.

The organizer of the grocery inventory list can update this list every day or after one week, depending on the usage. If there are sales or promotions on food items that your family consumes regularly, then changes can be made. All family members shall sit down and decide what needs to be included and bought from the market. In-hand items can greatly improve cooking options and increase your creativity.

Do you shop for groceries in bulk to save up money or to avail yourself of all the awesome deals that certain grocery shops offer? For example ‘buy one get one-off’ or ‘three for the price of two’? If your answer is yes, do you then face the problem of organizing your grocery items? If you do, then you surely need a grocery inventory list.

A grocery inventory list template will make your life much easier as it is a template sheet list that has already certain columns for you to add your items and their quantities. However, some templates will be very bare to let you fill in the necessary details as you wish and some templates will have the items already filled out for you. For example, washing liquid, washing powder, tissues, toilet tissues, food items, kitchen items for example spices and other things, and so on. Next to these items will be another column that denotes the quantity of the particular item.

This is how a grocery inventory list template works if you have bought washing liquid in bulk because there was an awesome deal at the grocery store, next to the washing liquid you will add 5 bottles. So every time one bottle runs out you look at your grocery inventory list and check if you have any kept in store. If yes, you take it out and change the number to 4.

Therefore, grocery inventory list templates such as the ones mentioned above really make your life easier and more manageable.