Employee Time Cards

Time management is very important for every person. Students need to manage their time as they need to do well in terms of their grades. But time management is just not meant for students only, it is needed for every person who wants to be successful in life.

Employees should value their time equally. Time management for employees has a lot of meanings. Time management in the workplace can make life so much easier. Some very well organized people are the ones who utilize their time effectively. Successful companies are the ones who keep a record of everything. One of the things that need to be monitored regularly are the timings that an employee works at. The employers are always focused on tracking the work time of the employees. Employees often see it as a threat and make them feel insecure whereas, time tracking can be a beneficial thing for the employees. The time tracking can make the payroll process easier for the employees.


Employees work for money and every employee wants to get their paychecks as soon as possible. Time cards can help the employees get a prompt paycheck. If the time tracker has problems, the hours worked can be hard to calculate which means delays in the salary. If there is less error in the payroll system, the salaries and paychecks are easy to process.

There are some conscious employees who come on time, work full time and take no extra breaks. But then, there are employees who come in late and leave early. Such situations can make honest employees feel demotivated and lower their morale. Using a time card can help maintain a culture of equality and justice in the workplace. It also helps to identify the energetic workers and lazy slackers.

Every employee is aware of the fact that there might be times when they need to work overtime. Time cards are a good way to monitor the extra time worked and getting paid for them. Time cards can be monitored on a weekly and monthly basis. An employee card mentions the date it ranges from. It has all the data of the week and it monitors the time an employee checks in and checks out. The overtime is also included in this sheet. By the end of the day, it helps to regulate the normal and the extra hours worked.

The Progress of the business or organization demands punctuality and to maintain punctuality the administration should apply strict rules to follow. Inspection of an employee’s job and proper attendance will ensure a smooth stream. The hours the employees are spending on work should be logged properly to keep valid records. It defines how much should be paid to the employee and how much should be deducted for inefficiency and irregularity. This chart is calculated to count the overtime income of the employee.

Business is not a matter of high officials, it is the center of employee and their functions. If employees are working properly in the given time periods with no banking then definitely good revenue and the quality world is generated. The same is true for the staff members in any institution or service, that if they are punctual and hard working the service will progress fruitfully.

The template for employee time cards is basically compiled log sheets where the staff registers their time in and time out, exposing total working hours per day. The predetermined time span is set in such templates to track the employee punctuality. Manual sheets need time and effort to design therefore these free templates are utilized to record the staff timings.

  • The Employee time card template is free to download.
  • A helpful customizable log sheet for easy fi-in options for any sort of organization or service.
  • Download the employee time card template and print it if you want the timetable as a printed sheet.

Employee time card template

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