Employee Pay Stub Template

When an employee receives a payment, it is the primary task of the company to keep the record. Paystub is a document which acts as a documentation of the payment received by the employee. The pay stub shows the total earning in the immediate pay period and the earning of the whole year. The pay stub is also known as payslip, pay check or check stub depending on the organization.

Key elements of pay stub:

Since the pay stub is an important document, it includes the important details which can be useful for documenting the payment details. The main details are:

  1. The employee’s name
  2. Total salary
  3. Deductions from payment
  4. Complete date of payment

Benefits of pay stub:

  1. The pay stub provides the information about the wages.
  2. It is also advantageous when you want to keep the record accurately without any error.
  3. It also serves as a proof of income and tax filing.
  4. The record of accurate payment can be maintained through the use of pay stub.

Many employees use the electronic version of pay stub because the funds are transferred to their account electronically. Those employees who don’t have a bank account use the payroll card issued by the company which acts as the debit card.

The government agencies also issue pay checks to people from their treasury department instead of the bank account. The payroll provided by the company can be printed to get the hard copy.

The companies wanting to save their time and streamlining the process of payroll management can use the pay stub template.

About Template

  • The pay stub template is prepared in MS Word, Excel and PDF format. You can use the format according to your needs. These templates are easy to download and provide an easy interface.
  • The template is useful for those people, who don’t want to prepare a pay stub for themselves from scratch.
  • The template has designed in such a way that it can be adapted to any type of business requirements. One of the best features of the template is that it can be edited as required.


Pay stub template


Employee Pay Stub Template

Format: MS Excel
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