Work Breakdown Structure Template

What is a Work breakdown structure sheet?

A work breakdown structure sheet is a tool used in project management. It breakdowns the project or plan into smaller components. This structure makes it easier for the team to work or organize the task as it is broken down into manageable structures. A work breakdown structure is a sheet in which the important work elements or tasks of a project are demonstrated to show the relationship between the tasks and the project.

Significance of this sheet

This sheet has a number of benefits other than managing or organizing the project. This allocates the tasks and it gets easier for the team to allocate budget accordingly. This, in turn, allows the department to allocate the costs related to the project more quickly and efficiently as all the calculation will be based on each task. Furthermore, it would get far easier for the team to track or identify the performance of the project team other than easily reaching to the point of the problem. Here are the details of how a standard work breakdown structure sheet should be prepared.



This sheet is usually made in a spreadsheet, however, depending upon the size of the task; it can be manually prepared to. First of all, project title, the name of the company, name of the project manager and the date on which the said project sheet is being made shall be mentioned at the top of the sheet. On the second step, the project should be divided into different tasks.

These activity tasks will divide the project into manageable parts. Make sure that these tasks are only divisions of the project; it may be according to the phases, timings or training sessions for example. Then these tasks are further divided into sub tasks. These sub tasks determine the actual work that needs to be done by the team. These sub tasks make sure that every required task is completed on time as the details like the name of the person to whom the task is assigned, the due date and the weekly report should be mentioned alongside each sub task.


Work breakdown structure template

Work Breakdown Structure Template

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