Baby Shower Planner with Checklist

Are you aware of everything you need to fashion a perfect baby shower, create ideas for baby shower games, food, themes, and baby shower invitations? The purpose of a baby shower is to make sure the party would be remembered for the mother to be and the guests. When planning a baby shower, a list is a great tool to advance in an organized manner.

A baby shower is a special event for a mother to be. Just like everything, planning a baby shower is also very useful. The printable and easy to download baby shower planner template is a great tool for planning the event. Baby shower event has become a common event take place in almost every family. In some families, multiple baby showers are also planned. Planning the baby shower is more important when the parents have a big family and friends’ circle.


Whether you are planning a big baby shower event or a shower event for only family members, it is always advisable to plan everything ahead of time. The baby shower planner template can help you plan everything ahead of time.

What to plan for a baby shower?

The parents to be are required to plan the food and refreshment for the guests, games to be played in the event as well as the opening of the gifts. The template covers all these details and much more in order to enable the user to plan everything conveniently.

Design the baby shower planner by following these steps:

  • Download the baby shower checklist in a selected folder on your computer.
  • Create a themed logo for the baby shower
  • Insert information about the shower, for example, the couple and the guests
  • Insert the time of the shower
  • Insert the venue where the shower is to be given
  • Insert the date of the shower.
  • Create a section for guest names and contacts
  • Collect RSVP received and RSVP accepted
  • Create a section for the shopping budget.
  • Include a timetable to enter the tasks and its duration of accomplishment
  • Enter notes additionally.
  • Save all of the information entered on a labeled folder
  • In the end, a checklist is given to make sure everything has been done as per planning

There are many other free online templates available other than excel which could be download easily with a fully customizable option. The template can calculate the total cost of all expenses automatically. The calculator is involved with the template download. Just insert your specific information in the template and get it print for convenient planning and budgeting of a perfect baby shower.

Baby shower planner template

Baby Shower Planner With Checklist Template

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What are the key benefits of using the template?

The main benefits of using this template are:

  1. It helps with planning the budget:

No matter which event you are going to organize, it is always very important for you to consider your bank account and figure out how much you can afford. Planning a budget is no doubt a very useful task to be performed. However, it requires you to do some research to collect information about the prices of the supplies you will need to organize the event, the total cost of the selected venue, and a lot more.

  1. It is very flexible:

The user of the template may not find the template the right tool for him. This is the reason, the template has been made so much flexible so that the user can customize it according to his needs. The user can add the details which are more relevant to the baby shower event he is going to organize. Apart from that, the template can be downloaded or used online.

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