Student Grade Books

Grading the students is one of the most important tasks a teacher should do. The purpose of the grading is to evaluate the student and his performance. Grading is not the measure of performance of the student but also the teacher’s performance. Therefore, grading is required to be done accurately.

The future of a student also depends on what grades he gets. Therefore, a teacher should be honest and careful while grading the student. The student grade books are prepared in almost every educational institution in which the grades of a student are mentioned.


What is the student grade book?

The student grade book is a document which is used to store the information regarding the grades of the student. In this way, the gradebook allows the teacher to determine and evaluate the performance of the student. The course outcomes are measured by different subject teachers and then a gradebook is used to input the results of the evaluation and assessment conducted by the teacher.

With the help of a gradebook, an instructor can easily distribute the grades among his students. The grades given in each assignment are converted into marks, percentage, GPA etc. depending on how an institute measures the student’s progress.

If you are a part of an institution like a school or a college, you might be aware of the significance of grade books. These books are the bi-annual or yearly record of student performance, with the teacher’s comments. The assignments, average grade points, attendance, class conducts, and nearly every feature is covered in these books.

The grade books are compiled designed and then printed impress with the institution logo but with the emergence of online convenience grade books are designed on software and are delivered as free templates at various websites. These grade book templates are easily accessible and contain the following features:

  • They are fully customizable templates.
  • Values will begin calculating as soon as the first assignment has been entered.
  • An inbuilt design makes it easy for teachers to get started.
  • Easy estimation of grading and percentage
  • Blocks for student summary and attendance
  • Feasible to collect handouts and homework of online students
  • Accurate calculation of grade points

These templates are also usable for online students as it covers student’s profile, demographics, and other details. This grade book for online students is known as a “virtual grade books” that trails learning prospect for every student and compiles data based on student’s profile, documents, e-mails, enrollments, academic stats and most significantly the transcripts.

To take benefits of these pre-formatted templates, browse the template websites and download your preferable free grade book templates to fill –in your data.

student grade book template

Download your file below.

Student Grade Book Template

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What are the benefits of using the student gradebook?

There are plenty of benefits of using the gradebook due to which, there is no educational institute in which the grade books are not being used these days. Some of the common benefits are:

  1. The gradebook allows the teacher and parents of the students to see the grades obtained in a particular time period.
  2. The grade books are also used by the schools in order to hide the grades from everyone before publishing. Even if the school does not want to publish the result, it can still use the gradebook to perform the grading
  3. The gradebook enables the school to know which student has outstanding performance throughout the session and which student needs to improve
  4. The student gradebook can be accessed easily even without internet. It is capable of storing the details without disclosing them to anyone.

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