Retail Inventory Templates

The retail inventory is prepared in a spreadsheet which is the most effective document in order to keep track of the inventory available in the store of retail business. Typically, the spreadsheet document is used for organizing the data of the company in a number of rows and columns.

The data values recorded in rows and columns in the spreadsheet has a close relationship with each other. Although spreadsheet can be used in every department, their main use is in inventory stores for accounting purpose.


Using the spreadsheet in order to keep track of retail inventory is a practical way to perform all the computations effectively with complete accuracy. The retail inventory document is a more organized form in which all the items present in the inventory can be listed.

Retail inventory template:

Inventory template is a very helpful and practical tool that helps the company in recording all the assets in the inventory. The auditing of the company’s income can also be performed on the basis of the inventory list prepared in retail inventory template.

The auditors can calculate the exact income generated by a company and the amount of tax it is liable to pay. The auditor can also check if the company is involved in overpricing of the items. It also enables the auditor to know whether or not the money is being spent well.

Moreover, the template also enables the company itself to monitor the inventory store as well as the working of the people who are working in the store.

Retail inventory template is being used by the company for storing, organizing and analyzing the data related to retail inventory. There are many software(s) that are used to create the retail inventory spreadsheet.

One of the best software is MS Excel. All the complicated, as well as simple calculations, are performed by the Excel spreadsheet itself with the help of pre-defined formulas.

What are the benefits of inventory spreadsheets?

  1. Inventory spreadsheet is an effective tool that can be used for keeping track of all the items of retail inventory
  2. The people who can use this spreadsheet with ease and comfort include shopkeepers, account keepers, owner of inventory etc. Everyone associated with the inventory may not be using the spreadsheet for the same purpose. However, it is beneficial for everyone.
  3. The spreadsheet has many built-in formulas which help in quick calculations. People with little or no expertise can also use the template easily.

Retail inventory template importance:

A retail inventory template is a practical tool that can be used without wasting a lot of time. People who have limited time can save their time by using a ready-made spreadsheet template. In other words, the user of the template saves him from the unnecessary hard work he might do by creating the inventory spreadsheet from scratch.

Retail inventory template can be downloaded from this page. All you have to do is download the template and then you can start using it by starting entering your inventory items details.

Retail inventory template

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