reading list template

Reading List Template

MS Excel Reading List Spreadsheets

Being a bookworm doesn’t mean that you are an anti-social personality. The more you read books the more you are exposing to the outer world. Reading enhances your vocabulary and knowledge in a relaxing manner.

  • Regular reading helps to develop the personality
  • Focus on phrases rather than words
  • Reading rate is accelerated via scanning, skimming  or previewing
  • Read the sentences without eye jolts, smooth movement of eyes from one to another word will be good to read…
  • Take notes to comprehend the message
  • Try to understand the line messages

A wide-ranging reading material, grasping skills, fluency of language, and vocabulary development is the outcome of constant reading habit.


Reading will help to put critical and analytical thinking especially when you do a review of your reading. If you are an avid reader then necessarily you have a collection of books that either you bought or rented from the library or it is difficult for you to remember the names of all those books. To ease this issue it is better to list them on daily or another timely basis.

Institutions especially schools also develop language curriculum with a number of books offered to children as reading materials. They also had to develop a comprehensive reading list for their books.

In these days on-line free templates are offering a compiled list structure to just fill in the title of the book you have read with the date, day or time you have gone through it. These lists are customizable for your convenience and provide you a tension free listing where you can record your reading material.

Download your file below.

Reading List Template

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