New Hire Orientation Checklist

The orientation of the employee is conducted to introduce the employee to the organization. The purpose of orientation is to make inexperienced and new employees associate with experienced people working in the same organization, such as supervisors and other senior co-workers.

The employee is given an introduction to health and safety rules as well as information about different job rules and responsibilities.


Although employee orientation seems to be very simple, it is quite critical when it comes to making the employee familiar with the job and its hazards in the workplace.

What are the benefits of employee orientation?

  1. The orientation phase in any organization helps the new employee get the necessary skills and abilities that he requires to work healthily.
  2. No matter what purpose you have hired the employee for, it is always important to train the employee so that he can work according to the needs of the company. The employee orientation process serves the purpose of training the employees.
  3. Those areas of work about which the employee is not very aware can get neglected, and thus the performance of the employee deteriorates. The orientation enables the employee to get well-versed in those unfamiliar areas. Old employees can also participate in this type of orientation.
  4. The employee returning from extended leave may not be as productive as he used to be. You may have implemented a new system in the absence of the employee. When he comes back, he should take part in the orientation process.

What is the new hire orientation checklist?

When you want to do the orientation of the newly hired employees effectively and professionally, the use of a checklist for this purpose is recommended. The checklist helps the employer make sure that he has taken the necessary steps to give a great start to newly hired employees.

The checklist includes all the tasks that are required to be done by the management of the company for the best orientation process.

The template for the orientation of the employee can be downloaded easily. You can modify it easily to make it appropriate for use in your company. The use of a template also helps you ensure that you have done all the paperwork to make the orientation of the employee successful.

If the employee gets completely introduced to every important thing in the organization, the orientation is considered successful.

There are three major parts to employee orientation:

  1. Introduction of the employee to the company’s policy and people working in it
  2. Necessary paperwork
  3. Timeframe

If the template includes those tasks in the checklist that are not relevant to your business, you can customize the template and add and remove the tasks according to your needs.

All those people who need to go through the process of orientation with ease can use the ready-made template without having to prepare a checklist from scratch.


New hire orientation checklist

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