Monthly Food Budget Template

It is good to keep a budget for different expenses so that we know how much we spent on these and if we need to reduce certain things. Budgets for necessary expenses like bills, food, etc. need to be kept if you do not want to end up not having enough money and waiting for the next pay to come.

What is a Monthly Food Budget Template?

A monthly food budget template is a template that saves how much you have spent on certain food items throughout the month. This includes things like vegetables, sweets, drinks, etc.


What to Include in a Monthly Food Budget Template?

If you need to make a monthly food budget template then consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Excel- This template can be made in Microsoft Excel. Here calculations can also occur easily.
  • Heading– Give the template a heading so that you know what it is for. For this one, it can be “Monthly Food Budget.”
  • Table– A table will be created that you can fill in.
  • Date– The first column will be for the date that you brought a certain food item.
  • Category– Under this you will state what the category was of the food item, for instance, if you brought Soda then the category will be ‘drinks’.
  • What– Here you will state what food item you bought. This can include things like candies, coke, beef, apples, water, meal, etc.
  • How many– You need to clearly tell how many of the items you bought. This is necessary when the calculation will occur. Simply write the number.
  • Price per item– Clearly state how much the price per item is. This will help you remember later on as well, how much the item costs if you want to buy it again.
  • Price(sum)– It is necessary to know how much you spent altogether on the particular food item. The sum can be calculated automatically with the help of the above details.
  • Where– You may want to know where you brought the food item from. This can be used as a reference for later on as well. It will include grocery, fast food, home delivery, etc.
  • Fill in often– Instead of getting confused, it is better to fill this table whenever you buy something. When you reach home and are free, daily fill this in. In this way, you will not be confused with so many receipts and fill-ins.

Advantages of the Monthly Food Budget Template:

The advantages of the monthly food budget template include the following:

  • Will let you know how much you spent in a month on food items
  • Saves the price per item if you need to check this later on
  • Helps you have enough money for the month for necessities
  • Will give you an idea of how much you are spending on food per month

Final Words:

A monthly food budget template is an important template because it can help you use your money in a clever way. You will have a sufficient amount of cash put aside for important things like food.


Monthly Food Budget Template
Monthly Food Budget Template