Freight Bill/Invoice Templates

A freight bill serves the purpose of a legal agreement between the shipper and the carrier. Since it acts as an agreement, it should be signed by both carrier and shipper. All the details related to the transaction are also added to the freight bill.

The freight bill is useful when you want to keep the proof of payment made to the shipper. You can add different types of details in this bill according to the requirements of your business.


What are the details in the freight bill?

Just like any other bill, the details added to the freight bill also depend on the business you are running. The main details are:

  1. Name of the shipper and the receiver
  2. Contact details of shipper and receiver
  3. Address of shipper and the receiver
  4. Details about the goods to be shipped such as the total price of goods, total weight, quantity etc.

The carrier is responsible to know the type of goods it is transporting as the law of the state wants it to be checked by the carrier. There are certain types of goods that are illegal to be transported without taking a special type of permission.

The carrier company can get into trouble if it transports such goods unknowingly. The method of shipping is also stated by the laws of the state.

It is important for the shipper as well as the carrier to sign the freight bill as it acts as a contract between both parties. The carrier should check if all the items have been loaded to the truck before signing the freight bill as it is his responsibility to ensure the successful delivery of the goods.

The receiver should also check if he has received all the goods before signing the freight bill. Both shipper and the receiver get the copy of the freight bill.

Initially, the copy of the freight bill is kept by the shipper and he also sends one copy to the receiver. The receipt of goods is also received by the carrier which he signs and ensures that goods have been received.


Freight bill template


The template

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The freight bill calculates the appropriate payment that is due to the customer company. The charges are defined on the type of goods transported on the type of vehicle based on the terms and conditions. The billing invoice is much comprehensive as different pieces of relevant information is a must part of such bill. The bill is sent to the client company to request the bill along with the due date and authentic signatures of the sender company.